Hey! I'm Dani.

A former social media strategist turned productivity and hydration coach for entrepreneurs who want to do their best work. MORE ABOUT ME.

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Hello, it's me. The most organized person you know.

Your #1 fan and hype girl. Launch strategist! Implementation guru! That annoying best friend who is making sure you are drinking water, staying on track, and not snoozing on those big biz plans...


My Etsy Shop is currently ranked among the top 1% in the world. I've launched client products with international retailers like Target, Anthropologie, Whole Foods, and Sephora. I've grown social media accounts from a few hundred to 70K or as large as 5.5 million followers, and I've written more copy than I could ever attempt to track.

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with organization, productivity, and a well-organized to-do list?

I have more than a decade of experience building brands, amplifying their message, and launching their dream products.

Strategy Sessions are your chance to put my experience and superpowers to work for you!






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What You Get:

I'll use your assessment form to put together a detailed agenda for a 1-hour video call, during which I'll lay out a detailed plan for you and answer any questions.

a 1-hour strategy call

I'll keep tabs on your progress and check-in via email at 4 evenly dispersed intervals to make sure you are moving forward and haven't hit any roadblocks.

4 in-depth check-ins

I'm committed to your success and will pull out all the stops to make sure you reach all your goals! Resources, networking, and high-quality advice are all included.

my full support


We're about to make a dream team!

Still have questions? Try checking the faqs.

get started now:

you if:

You want accountability

procrastionation brings you joy

you'd like to be efficient

you hate to-do lists or deadlines

you need clear goals and direction

you're not willing to do the work


for you if:


When I help you discover new streams of passive income.

When you are more productive and efficient with your time.

When you book one new client, speaking gig, or make one more big sale.

When you surpass the goals for your upcoming product launch.

When we add hundreds of new subscribers to your email list.

When your new blog posts are attracting new readers to your site every day.

How It Pays for Itself...

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It totally varies by project! Strategy Sessions include a 1-hour video call and then 4 email check-ins which will happen at even intervals. So, if you come to me with a 4-week project we'll have a 1-hour call and then I'll check in with you via email once a week until you reach your launch date to assess your progress and answer any questions. If your project has an 8-month timeline we'll have our 1-hour call and then I'll check in with you once every 2 months to see how it's going.

Think of Strategy Sessions as an opportunity to pick my brain about any topic you think I'm good at --- but with the added benefit of intentional, strategic feedback and ongoing support from me.

Hiring me for Strategy Sessions essentially brings me on board for a period of time to help keep you on track as you complete a specific project or goal. I am happy to work with you as an individual or with your team.

I'll pull out all the stops to ensure you reach your goal. That might mean helping you find resources, creating a tutorial to walk you through a technical hurdle, helping you network with people in your industry, or brainstorming strategic blog post titles or SEO improvements.

I was self-employed for nearly a decade before I finally loosened the grip on my bank account and invested in coaching and online courses. I've spent well over $4,000 on coaching this year, and I have always seen my investment returned (and then some!).

You get out of the experience what you put into it, so if you're ready to do the work I have no doubt that you'll make your money back! It's important to me that you feel the experience was valuable, and one of my goals is always to help you increase your revenue.

Sure! Strategy Sessions are great for people who are pivoting into entrepreneurship. I can create a manageable timeline and help you skip some of the "busy work" and get down to business faster. It's also a great fit for people who are launching a new product, course, or service and would like help with bringing their idea to life or developing a launch strategy.

I'm also happy to do social media assessments, help you brianstorm your next ten blog post topics or podcast episodes, help you figure out business automations or workflows, and help you overcome any productivity or business challenges you are currently struggling with.

I recommend that we use Zoom, and I typically turn both the voice and video options on. That way you can see me and I can also share my screen with you if needed. It's your decision whether you join with voice and/or video.

Zoom will allow us to record your session so you can reference it later, but I'm also happy to accomodate your needs or preferences, including a good ol' fashioned phone call. The form will let you list your preferred method of communication.

I'm fully committed to seeing you succeed, and I want you to know that I'll go pretty above and beyond to make sure you do! That said, if we start the process and you realize this is not a good fit for you, you can request a refund for any remaining services (the 1-hour call is valued at $297, and each check-in is valued at $125) .

Strategy Sessions?