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Wholesale Guide

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Q:  What does the page track?
A: The Daily Page Notepads help align your productivity and your wellness on one page. They have space for to-dos, events, meal planning, hydration tracking, fitness + more.

What's the difference between the different versions? 
A. Both notepads contain 50 pages, are padded at the top, and printed on high-quality 70 lb paper. There are subtle differences with the layout and sections. Choose the one that is the best fit for your lifestyle!

What are the three boxes/circles in the water section for? 
A. This section was originally for tracking medications and supplements, but the icons of pills were replaced in 2015. The section is now more versatile, and can be used as a reminder to take daily medications and supplements, or as a space for tracking habits or self care. I use mine to remember to take my multi-vitamin, drink collagen peptides, and apply an eyelash growth serum! Customize it to suit your needs!

Whats the best way to use The Daily Page Notepad? 
A. It's different for everyone! I recommend challenging yourself to fill out one page every day for a week to help you get into a routine. Personally, I prefer to start filling out the page the night before. It helps get stuff out of my head so that I sleep better, but also feel motivated when I wake up in the morning.

Q. Where can my customers learn more?
A. My website and blogs are a great resource! I have spent years building a brand and community around my products, and I'm excited for your customers to join! They can get group accountability and interact with others who are using The Daily Page by joining my private Facebook Community, The Hive. They can also tune in to the Plan Podcast to get a weekly dose of organization and motivation! Links to these resources are on the packaging for each notepad.