the daily page

Have I mentioned that I'm an organization and wellness nut? I am. And The Daily Page is something I designed in 2010, when I was wedding planning, blogging, writing for a magazine and working a full-time job. It was my secret tool for conquering it all while also dreaming about my next steps and business dreams. 

After using it personally for about a year I decided to share it with blog readers, and the feedback was amazing! Since then I've launched it as a notepad, as a printable file and as a digital file for the iPad Pro and have sold over 30,000 of them! 

the daily page on
ipad pro

This video will show you how to download the JPG file from your email and save it to your iPad's camera roll as well as a new photo album.

This video shows you how to open The Daily Page in my favorite planning app, Paper, organize it into a Journal and use it for digital planning. 

older videos

Demonstrating how to use The Daily Page for iPad Pro using the Paper53 app! This is one of my favorite apps for managing my page.

The process for opening The Daily Page on the iPad Pro into your favorite apps (this one is the  Paper 53 app). 

 The daily page is where you organize not only your work day, but your life and wellness -- both mental and physical.