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i'm dani

Your life feels chaotic, but it isn't your fault. Our modern way of living is out of whack, making it nearly impossible to do all the things.

Ten years ago I was at rock bottom with my health. I was overwhelmed, unhealthy, and suffering from fatigue. I knew I had to change the way I was living. I sat down and created a one-page design that could help me align my work and wellness in one place, so that I could finally find the balance I was so desperately chasing after.




the planner that helps you align your work and wellness.

Say hello to my secret weapon...

I called it The Daily Page.

And I've used it every day for the past 10 years. It has not only helped me keep my commitment to a healthier life, it's helped me launch businesses and make my biggest dreams a reality.


πŸ™πŸ» Align your work and wellness
βœ” Organize your entire day in one place
3️⃣ Prioritize your Top 3 Goals
πŸ“… Schedule events, meetings, + appointments
πŸ“ Track up to 15 To-Do List items
πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Record wellness goals, self-care, and fitness
πŸ’¦ Monitor your hydration
πŸ’Š Remember medications and supplements
⭐ Build new habits
πŸ₯— Plan Meals
 πŸ’‘ Keep track of Ideas + Notes

The secret is aligning your work and wellness in one place to help you create a sustainable daily practice.

Change Your
Entire Life.

let me show you how this planner can


the daily page

Here are a few of my favorite knowledge nuggets!

Gimme the Facts

tell me another one!


Writing something down makes us 40% more likely to complete it.

Writing by hand allows the brain to receive feedback from your motor actions allowing you to process the information and increase your ability to internalize information and ideas.

 - Wray Herbert, Some Notes on Note Taking -

The best way to build a habit is to organize it alongside your daily routine.

Habit Stacking is a method of habit development that places new habits on the same neural pathway as a well-formed habit that is already part of your daily routine, increasing the likelihood of new habit formation.

 - James Clear, Atomic Habits -

Proper hydration can help you think faster, be more creative, and increase productivity.

Our brain communicates with electric signals that are transmited through our body's fascial system. A well-hydrated fascial system communicates faster and more efficiently.

 - Dr. Dana Cohen + Gina Bria, Quench -

List making can help ease anxiety, allowing us get higher-quality sleep.

People who take 5 minutes before bed to start a to-do list for tomorrow fall sleep faster and sleep more soundly than those who don't.

 - Michael Scullin, Baylor Sleep, Neuroscience, and Cognition Laboratory -

A consistent daily practice prioritizing the 6 main aspects of health reduces stress hormones.

They are: sleep, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, mental health, and relationships. This helps reduce inflammation, the risk of chronic illness, and can delay cellular aging. 

 - Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris, The Deepest Well -

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β™» Designed to be eco-conscious + recyclable
πŸ“… Dateless design never wastes a page
🌲 Each order plants a tree
πŸ’―Created FSC certfied paper
πŸ¦… Made in the USA
πŸ“¦ Shipped with minimalist, recycled materials
πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ My Personal Pledge

After years working in publishing and seeing the waste created by the planner and calendar industry I knew I wanted my planner to be different.

Makes a
Big Impact!

how a little book

My Personal Pledge is a monthly donation that I give directly to a person or family in need. Go here to learn more about all the ways Thyme is Honey Gives Back.

giving back

Wait...a planner can do all that?

This one can!

But planners only work if you use them.

 I've built an online community full of resources to help you integrate the Daily Page Planner into your life. 

1,000+ blog posts. A podcast. A weekly newsletter. A private facebook group. Daily accountability. Your own personal cheerleader.

And it's all free, forever, for anyone using one of my products.

get connected!

- Dani Bruflodt -

Creator of The Daily Page

That's why you won't only get a planner, you'll get resources + accountability, too.

And it's all free, forever, for anyone using one of my products.

get started!

Pick Your Page!

This bad boy has a 6 calendar grids at the frot (format them how ya like!) followed by 6-months worth of The Daily Page to help you tackle every single day.

The daily page
6-month planner

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Got a lot to say? Notes to write? Ideas to sketch? Journaling to do? This version has The Daily Page on the front and line pages on the back of each sheet.

The daily page
planner & journal

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The holy grail for digital planning! Import it into Goodnotes on your iPad Pro and get plannin'. Click here for a video tutorial of how it works.

The daily page
interactive digital planner

check it out

This listing profides you with a simple JPG file that you can import into your favorite apps. This listing also includes PDF files if you prefer to print the design.

The daily page
digital page

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These notepads are perfect for getting your new routine started. They measure 8.5"x11", have   include 50-pages and are padded at the top. Purchase them in singles or sets.

The daily page

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This listing gives you two PDF options for printing - standard or with a left margin for a 3-hole punch. You also get a JPG file that can be used digitally on tablets.

The daily page
printable downloads

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now it's time to


Got your planner?

Want me to pop into you inbox each morning for the next two weeks to help you stay accountable while also teaching you how to achieve optimum hydration using The Daily Page?!

Learn more about my online course:


Now let's get to work.

Rave Reviews

here are a few of my favorite

"Love it! It has a great layout and I'm actually using it every day - unlike other planners where I use them for a day or so then give up."

- whitney -

"The Daily Page has been an amazing tool not just for helping me organize my day- but also my work flow and productivity. It helps me prioritize my most important projects and to-dos, along with recording my water intake and menu planning! It acts as an air-traffic controller for my daily life!"

- courtney r. -

"In love! This product gives you the right tools for sustainable goals and healthy living BUT it also allows you to be customized with your own touches. The perfect balance :)"

- katie f. -

"I cannot put into words how helpful this tool has been for keeping my days productive and track how much water and coffee I drink, especially with starting a new job remotely during this crazy time. Everyone needs this during this time that is COVID-19."

- allison v. -

"Alright, here's the beans. The Daily Page Planner is AMAZING. The quality, the customer service, and the support you get post-purchase is one in a million. I love this planner so much!"


"Beautiful! Simplistic and organized design. Amazing customer service. Love Dani's products and overall business plan. Do yourself a favor and get this planner."

- Chavel A. -

"I've LOVED using mine each morning, even more so during this strange and unsettling time. It gives me a sense of structure, control and normalcy, and I've found it helps me focus on the things that matter most to keep my family and I safe and healthy. And cheers to that dateless format - BRILLIANT!"

- stasia h. -

"I like writing down things, in-fact sometimes I need it because I am an over thinker and writing down things helps me slow down. After starting to use the planner, I am more mindful about how I spend my day and can easily identify opportunities to improve my productivity and health. And the design is beautiful, so making this a habit isn’t difficult at all."


"Five stars. As someone transitioning genders, you've GOT to be organized. Whether it's scribbling down an epiphany before you forget it, planning new challenges outside your comfort zone, maintaining mental and physical wellness, or just hydrating yourself to give your skin the glow you've dreamt of, The Daily Page has been everpresent which each passing day of my transition. I owe so much of my progress and happiness to TDP. This planner helps minimize something imposing into something SO possible. The ultimate transformation handbook, folks -- for wherever it is you want your happiness to take you next!"

- scottie p. -

"The quality is incredible! I cannot wait to use this in 2020 for all my planning and goal setting! I love the fact that a tree is planted with each purchase....like what?! Amazing amazing amazing! I will be purchasing again next year for sure."

- gretchen w. -

"First I’ll start off by saying the customer service is amazing. The planner shipped the day after I ordered it and arrived in two days time. The planner itself was packed eco friendly which is another reason I love this shop and the planner itself is fantastic quality. Paper is great is no shadowing and cover is sturdy. I love that it is non-dated as well so you can start at anytime. But my absolute favorite part is that a tree is planted for each planner purchased! I’m looking forward to watching this shop grow and evolve."

- MEGAN R. -

"The Daily Page has been amazing for my on the go life. Balancing my diet, family, home life, and a few clients has never been more of a breeze. The Daily Page Planner is helpful for staying organized and making lists, which I love to do. It’s also forgiving if I just don’t feel like planning anything for one day. I can just pick right back up where I left off so there aren’t any wasted pages. Thanks Dani, for sharing your gift and inspiring each of us to be a little more productive in our every day lives."

- charity b. -

"I love my Daily Page Planner. At this point, I think I'd feel lost without it. I love that it's undated so I don't waste any paper while on vacation or taking a slow Sunday, and there are just so many ways that it helps me balance work, life, and wellness - I've never been so hydrated! "

- tess w. -

Wanna read more from users of The Daily Page? There are over 800 5-star reviews on Etsy! Head over there to keep reading.

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