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You know what your ideal planner would look like, but have no idea how to make that dream a reality. From conceptualization to production and marketing....

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I would have done anything for a guide like this when I was developing my first planner, it would have saved me a lot of time, stress, and money. That's exactly why I wrote The Planner Creator.

Someone out there right now is looking for the exact planner you are dreaming of, and I want to help you get it out into the world quickly, efficiently, and hopefully with a few less headaches!

So you're dreaming of launching your own


I remember how excited I was, over a decade ago, when I was at the very beginning of launching my business and dream product! And I also remember how overwhelming it felt to be entering an industry that I knew so little about.

So, did you raise your hand?

Then this is definitely for you, my friend!

A comprehensive guide for producing, marketing, and selling your first journal, notebook, or customized                       .

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I'll make sure you know all of the basic terms and concepts to get started in the paper goods industry. This will ensure you know how to communicate efficiently and effectively with everyone including your designer, printer partner, retailers and customers! I'll also make sure you understand what the process entails from start to finish.

Stop wasting time scouring the internet looking for someone to produce your planner! I'll introduce you to my vendors and give you the exact specifications and pricing margins for some of my best-selling products so that you can fast forward to the fun part. I'll also go over all the software programs and equipment you may need for paper or digital planners.

Here's What You'll Learn

Terms + Specifications

Products + Pricing

lesson one:

lesson two:

Filling orders doesn't have to be difficult. I'll walk you through various options for managing orders and shipping, whether you do it yourself or outsource the fulfillment of your orders.

Shipping + Logistics

lesson four:

This section will help you conceptualize your dream planner and help you develop a 7-month production timeline to help you stay on track. You'll also learn how to do pre-sales and get tips for hiring a designer for your project.

Extraction + Launch

lesson three:


You might not be ready for wholesale, but it's helpful to understand the basics from the beginning. I'll teach you some industry terms and explain what resources and information you need to have ready to launch your product into retail shops.

Retail + Wholesale

lesson five:

You want bonus content? I got it! You're gonna get details on how I make my products sustainable, the marketing strategies that have had the most impact, 10 social media tips I rely on, all the services I use for my shop and website, and tips for taking your own product photos! You'll also get a code for $100 off my Strategy Session services.

Resources + Tips

lesson six:

understand the industry and process

Create your design and a production timeline

market your product to your ideal customer and retailers

learn about shipping and importing

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This is an interactive eBook. You'll receive a download link immediately after purchase. You can print it, or use it on a computer, tablet, or phone. You can simply click to navigate between pages, sections, or external websites.

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Know the key terms and concepts for the paper goods industry.

Book Nerd.

Know how to increase profits by creating printables and digital planners.




Be connected to the best producers for paper products.


Understand production timelines and how to produce your product.


Understand shipping, wholesale, and marketing for paper goods products!


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Someone out there right now is dreaming of the planner that is in your head.

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Stop wasting time "researching" and have all the info you need in one place!

Avoid some of the most common mistakes with design or printing.

Launch your dream product, market it well, and sell it to your ideal customers!

Spend 1 hour learning what took me more than a decade to understand.

Understand passive income and how to maximize profit from your designs.

Maximize your profit margin by using my resources for printing + shipping supplies.

The course pays for itself when you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a graphic design tutorial. Within the book I'll share with you two free programs and two paid programs that you can use to design your planner yourself, tell you how I learned these programs for free, and share tips for hiring a designer. However, you will not receive design training or tutorials within the eBook.

The Planner Creator is a tremendous resource for anyone who is dreaming of launching a planner and is ready to take the next steps, especially if you want to end up saving yourself a ton of time, money, and stress! If you feel like you've been dreaming of this for a while and have been spinning your wheels or falling down the internet rabbit hole trying to figure it out, then this is *definitely* for you. I promise, everything you are scouring the internet for is in this eBook.

As soon as you complete the purchase you'll have access to a link where you can download the eBook. You can open it on your computer, or send it to your phone or tablet.
You can opt to print the file out, like your very own cook book, or, you can access it on your device of choice. I prefer to use it digitally on my iPad using the Goodnotes 5 app.

The eBook is interactive! So if you use it on a computer, phone, or tablet, you can click between sections, pages, and click on any of the websites mentioned in the book.

No, this is an eBook and you'll receive the 60-page PDF via email.

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Not quite ready to start creating your planner? I understand. Feel free to reach out if there are any questions I can answer about the course.

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