November 29, 2018

Plan Podcast Episode 005: Planning a Great Vacation

Plan Podcast Episode 005: Planning a Great Vacation | Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey

Who doesn’t love a great vacation, right? But before your butt hits the sand in the south of France, you’ve gotta figure out the logistics of getting there. Trip planning doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming, and in Episode 005 of the Plan Podcast I’m sharing some of the services, processes, and tips that we use to plan great vacations! We’ve been to 16 countries together now, and whether we are planning a month on the other side of the world, or a weekend in a neighboring town, these tips help to ensure that we have a wonderful time.

Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in Episode 005:

Airbnb Offer: Get $30-50 off your Airbnb Lodging or Experience when you book with this link.
Blog post: How I Pack my Carry-On
Travel Guide: Kayaking and Camping the Exuma Cays
Travel Guide: One Month in Northern and Southern Thailand
ravel Guide: A Dog-Friendly Weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (has an example of a custom Google map)

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