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A simple workbook for clearing the clutter, defining your personal style, and dressing your best with less

It's time to stop filling your closet with clothes you hate.

I used to have one of those gigantic closets overflowing with shirts, jeans, dresses, and shoes, but often lamented about having nothing to wear. While I wasn't quite a hoarder, I was definitely struggling with something that so many of us struggle with: overshopping simply because I wasn't sure what I was looking for or needing.

Over the past 5 years I've gone from a 2200 square foot home with plenty of closet space, down to a 700 square foot flat in the heart of central Copenhagen with a single-door wardrobe to hold my clothes (gasp!). Downsizing and living in Europe have taught me a lot about the importance of choosing quality over quantity.

I now have a minimalist wardrobe that I feel good about, and getting dressed has never been easier. In this workbook I will walk you through my 4-phase method for clearing the clutter, defining your personal style, and dressing your best with less.

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A step-by-step guide for what to keep, donate, or sell
Exercises to help you discover your personal style
A guide for how to ethically donate your items
My detailed process for selling online
Minimalist Wardrobe Checklist
Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials Guide

what's inside?

Here's a bit more detail on what you'll find inside the workbook.

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The goal of The Minimalist Wardrobe is remove the overwhelm and give you a clear step-by-step process for sorting through your existing wardrobe to discover your personal style and curate a collection of clothes you love. Inside, you'll find four clear sections:

We'll kick things off by getting clear about your priorities when it comes to clothing and defining goals for your dream wardrobe. 

In lesson two we'll begin the process of sorting through all of your existing items. But don't worry! I have a tried and true process for making this easy, and will introduce you to three different methods that will help you make clear decisions on what you should Donate, Sell, or Keep.

The fun part, in my opinion! We'll assess what you're left with and use it as a guide to discover what your personal style is, so that you make smarter shopping choices moving forward and always have a wardrobe you're proud of! You'll end up with an organized shopping list with clear goals and priorities.

We'll wrap things up by discussing the most ethical ways to donate your unwanted items, I'll share some of the best apps and websites for selling items, and walk you through the exact process I have used for years to sell my items online with minimal stress and maximum profit.

I've included a couple fun bonus items! In this section you'll find a simplified checklist to help guide you through the entire workbook, along with a Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials Guide and access to all of my favorite items!

About the author...

Dani Bruflodt is the creator of The Daily Page Planner, founder of Hey You Drink Water, online content creator, and dog mom extraordinaire.

She's a recovering shopaholic who now takes great pride in her minimalist lifestyle and perfectly folded sweaters.

She was raised among the rolling farmland of southeastern Minnesota and currently resides in a tiny flat in Copenhagen, Denmark with her husband, dog, and too many houseplants.

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As soon as you complete the purchase you'll have access to a link where you can download the eBook. You can open it on your computer, or send it to your phone or tablet.
You can opt to print the file out, like your very own cook book, or, you can access it on your device of choice. I prefer to use it digitally on my iPad using the Goodnotes 5 app.

The eBook is interactive! So if you use it on a computer, phone, or tablet, you can click between sections, pages, and click on any of the websites mentioned in the book.

No, this is an eBook and you'll receive the 38-page PDF file via email.

If you have ever stood in front of your closet and felt like you hated everything in it...this is definitely for you. Most of us feel that way because we've been sucked into the trap of fast fashion, rather than discovering our personal style and focusing on creating a wardrobe around that aesthetic so that the pieces we purchase are timeless. This workbook will teach you everything you need to know!