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i'm dani

Wanna get hydrated?

Hydration is one of the simplest, fastest, most affordable ways to transform how we look, feel, and perform.
And yet most of us really suck at it!

give me 14 days and I'll show you how to transform your health, energy, and life.

 I promise I won't tell you to chug water all day.

Like...I am not joking with you,  I never had energy for anything. I struggled daily with headaches, brain fog, fatigue and just an overall feeling of unhealthiness. Have ya been there?

Then I started my journey to hydration and my entire life changed. My energy soared. My skin cleared. My eyes brightened. I could think faster, focus longer, and pursue the big dreams I (suddenly) had. I started my own 6-figure business, managed social media for some of the largest accounts in the world, oversaw 5 and 6 figure product launches, and moved across the world to one of my favorite cities. I wouldn't have done any of it if I hadn't discovered the power of hydration.

Are you thinking about the brilliant ideas, big dreams, and life-changing goals that might be buried in that dehydrated brain of yours right now?! Let's get you hydrated.

BECAUSE hydration is about way more than just drinking water. It's about eating water and moving water, too!

Ten years ago I was overwhelmed, unhealthy, and exhausted. 

How it works:

Each email will take you five minutes to read, and will teach you one simple thing you can do to achieve optimum hydration.

14 days. 14 items. That's the checklist that's standing between you and your hydration transformation.

 âœ‰ An email from me each day for 14 days
💪🏻 An understanding of how hydration impacts our health 
✔ A game plan to reach optimum hydration
🥛 My recipes for hydrating beverages
🥗 My recipes for hydrating meals
🍸 Tips for making healthier cocktails
☕ Tips for making healthier coffee
👩🏻‍💻 Opportunity to ask questions or get customized support
📝 The Daily Page Printable PDF for FREE
🛒 15% off all products in my shop
💦 Health, happiness, and hydration! The ultimate prize 😀

Anyone can benefit from this course, but it was created specifically for people who are new to wellness and looking for simple, actionable steps. This course may be better for visual learners, as the content is all delivered via email, and although it includes helpful graphics, video clips, and access to a podcast episode that summarizes the information, the primary method of learning will be reading.


When you purchase The Hydration Checklist and complete checkout you'll receive your first email including The Daily Page PDF in your inbox immediately and then one email each day for 14 days.


Fortunately for you, simplification is my superpower and checklists are my secret weapon.

All you have to do is open one email from me each day for 14 days. 

Note: There are course scholarships you may qualify for. Learn more right here.

Still not convinced?

okay then, maybe these facts about hydration will convince ya...

75% of adults are living with chronic mild dehydration.

Some common signs of chronic mild dehydration are: fatigue, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, weight gain, poor sleep, dry skin, headaches, heart burn, bad breath, cravings, mood swings, constipation, poor immunity...and so many more!

Brain fog and fatigue are the earliest signs of mild dehydration. The feeling of thirst comes later.

A decrease in hydration as small as 1-2% results in measurable cognitive loss.

Dehydration causes a loss in productivity. A decrease of just 3-4% in hydration can result in a decrease in productivity as high as 50%.

Over the next 35 years the US will endure $95 trillion dollars in costs associated with chronic disease, loss of productivity and disability as a result of poor health choices.

Our blood is more than 90% water and can vary in consistency similar to wine, to as thick as watered-down ketchup.

The thicker your blood is, the harder your heart has to work every. time. it. beats. This is hard on your heart.

And the harder your heart beats, the more energy you expend simply to stay alive. You could probably use that energy somewhere else...like your brain.

The more hydrated we are, the faster our brain's electric signals can be transmitted throughout our body.

Our fascial system helps transmit these messages. The more hydrated it is, the more efficiently it works.

This system also helps clear out waste produced by all the cells in our body.

When this system is dehydrated it slows down, and waste removal slows down, too, making it hard to lose weight and manage a healthy weight.

That built up waste can lead to practically any disease we see today. Cellular-level hydration is the key to aging and disease prevention.

But hydrating your entire fascial system is about more than just drinking water. This course teaches you how to achieve optimum hydration.

My Story

It's hard for me to even put into words the way hydration changed my life...I might even say saved it. But, I gave it my best effort and you can click below to read the full post of How Hydration Changed My Life. (Please note this post contains before/after photos and mentions of weightloss).

see the post

Still on the fence?

alrighty, how about if some of my former students talk you into it?


"I just need to thank you with every hydrated cell in my body for this course. As someone who has literally suffered through IBS most of her adult life, this compenent of hydration was missing in a massive way. I'm just in love with how I'm feeling, I look forward to your emails every day and just a solid fan of your work. Sending you so much appreciation!"


"The past two weeks were life changing! I knew I didn’t hydrate properly, but I had no idea how bad it was. Thanks to this program I learned so much about what my body needs and most importantly WHY it needs it. It was easy to follow and the daily emails were filled with amazing information. Thank you, Dani, for being such an inspiration."

- Ka Lia -

"I always prided myself on being good at drinking water so I was skeptical as to whether or not I should join the Hydration Checklist. So glad I did! I would recommend anyone who has questions or concerns about hydration and how it affects us in all aspects of our lives to partake in this checklist!"


"The hydration challenge was definitely much more than I thought it would be. The motivational tone, personal testimony, and tips on the proper way to hydrate were very helpful and beneficial to me. I really had NO idea what it meant to be properly hydrated and more importantly how necessary it was for my health. It is obvious Dani has spent many many years researching (and living!) hydration and she made it easy for me to start on my journey. Thank you!"

- jessi -

"I would call this course is a game changer. If you fully absorb even part of the information it most definitely will help you feel the benefits, which will help you make some hydrating habits. I’ve tried nearly all of the recipes and purchased several of the items suggested and I love them all. Understanding the why and being given the resources to make the change is what makes it a game changer.

Hydration is the root of all wellness.

Course Scholarships

I want to build a business that supports marginalized communities and ensures everyone has access to basic information about hydration.

Black people have endured centuries of systemic injustices that have caused them to suffer collectively from chronic stress. There is no question that these times of racial reckoning are trying, especially for Black people. Hydration is shown to help with our mood state and processing of emotions. In order to welcome more Black voices and experiences into my work I offer my online course, The Hydration Checklist, free to Black people.

There are also scholarships available to anyone experiencing financial hardship. I will always strive to keep the costs of my courses accessible because I personally know that $14.00 is not a trivial amount. Research shows that dehydration-related illnesses are most prevalant in low-income communities and households, which have been unfairly targeted by unhealthy food marketing and are more likely to lack access to safe water. Getting this information to those who most need it is a huge part of my mission.

To receive a course scholarship please reach out to me via the Contact Page to be added to the course free of charge. You do not need to provide any information other than your name, email address, and state that you are interested in a course scholarship.

specific medical or dietary recommendations. You are welcome to ask questions, and I have both doctors and nutritionists I can refer you to for questions that I am not able or qualified to address.

I want my course and content to be accessible to people of all socio-economic statuses. Healthy food can be expensive. The course includes information for how to hydrate on a budget by prioritizing the things that will make the most impact.

This course has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

There is one point in the course where I discuss my experience with weightloss and hydration. Weightloss is not discussed in detail and there is no mention of eating disorders. It is flagged and there is alternate content for that day.

Alcohol is also discussed in one lesson. It is flagged and there is alternate content for that day.

The hydration method that my course is based on is The Quench Method, developed by Dr. Dana Cohen and Gina Bria. I am not a doctor or certified nutritionist. I am passionate about hydration, have ten years of experience in the wellness industry, and use my skills of
organization and communication to help you learn the method and develop new habits to align with it. The course does not make any