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Recipes and resources for health, happiness, and hydration.

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Hydration is the fastest, simplest, most affordable way to transform how you look, feel, and perform!

Proper hydration will increase your energy, improve your focus, and maximize your productivity all while helping you live your healthiest, happiest, most hydrated life! 

And proper hydration isn't about how much water you drink, it's about how much water you absorb. And to do that you need to eat your water, too!

The Hydrating Meal Plan gives you actionable steps for incorporating more whole, hydrating, nutritious ingredients into your daily life with simple recipes, shopping guides, and simple cooking tips.

This is an interactive eBook. You'll receive a download link immediately after purchase. You can print it, or use it on a computer, tablet, or phone. You can simply click to navigate between pages, sections, or external websites.

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74 pages of hydration inspiration!
20 recipes for simple, hydrating meals
4 recipes for hydrating drinks
Tips for making healthier coffee + cocktails
The Daily Page Printable Planner ($13 value)
The Weekly Meal Planner Printable ($6 value)
So much more (see below)!

what's inside?

Here's a breakdown of everything you'll find inside.

Thirsty for info?

You know that the only thing I love more than hydration is organization, so inside The Hydrating Meal Plan eBook you'll find six neatly organized sections:

Signs of chronic mild dehydration
Understanding The Fascial System
Ideal Day of Hydration Checklist
How to calculate your water goal
My 5 tips for drinking more water 

The Daily Page Printable Planner
The Weekly Meal Planner Printable
Discount code for my Etsy Shop
Tips for developing new habits

Explanation of the role food plays in hydration
What a whole food diet means
How to follow the 80/20 rule
Cheat sheet for seed cycling
4 swaps to make healthy cooking easier
A shopping list of hydrating kitchen staples
List of the most hydrating fruits and vegetables

20 nutritionist-approved recipes with images
12 Tips for Making Salads That Don't Suck
How to make your own salad dressing
Discount code for Prescribe Nutrition
My "Magic Sauce" recipe
Recipes for some of my favorite quick meals

Recipes for my 3 favorite hydrating beverages
How to make healthier, more hydrating coffee
How to make healthier, more hydrating cocktails
My recipe for a Hydrating Maple Latte

My favorite health + wellness books
How to age slower with hydration
Discount code for OmNourish
Discount code for Vital Proteins
Getting started grocery guide
Link to hydration post archive

Owner of Prescribe Nutrition and Functional Nutrition Coach

"As a nutritionist, I constantly see people struggle with consistent hydration and it's often the root cause of their health issues. Dani's passion and knowledge will have you singing the praises of better hydration!"

Christina Holm Sandock

“Achieving optimum hydration requires a series of small daily decisions and practices. If you’re looking to develop healthier, more hydrating habits, Dani will get you there!”

Dr. Dana Cohen

about the author...

Dani Bruflodt is the creator of The Daily Page Planner, a holistic planner designed to help align work with wellness.

She's also the founder of Hey You Drink Water, and has led over one-thousand students through her 14-day hydration course, The Hydration Checklist, which combines science-backed methods of healthy habit formation with The Quench Method for hydration, developed by Dr. Dana Cohen and Gina Bria.

Dani is passionate about advocacy, activism, good books, and good food. You'll frequently find her on long walks, paddling a kayak, or riding a bike. She was raised in rural Minnesota, and currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, with her husband and fluffy dog, Walter (maybe named after water, maybe not).

LEARN more about dani here

Answers to some of your questions.


As soon as you complete the purchase you'll have access to a link where you can download the eBook. You can open it on your computer, or send it to your phone or tablet.
You can opt to print the file out, like your very own cook book, or, you can access it on your device of choice. I prefer to use it digitally on my iPad using the Goodnotes 5 app.

The eBook is interactive! So if you use it on a computer, phone, or tablet, you can click between sections, pages, and click on any of the websites mentioned in the book.

The recipes are all whole food and plant based, but some are not vegetarian. However, all the recipes are easily adaptable and you can use your favorite forms of protein in place of whatever animal protein is used.

The recipes are all free of dairy and 2 have eggs.

No way, pal! I have a very tiny, minimalist kitchen and prioritized simplicity in the meals I selected for the book. As long as you have a sauce pan, frying pan, knife, spoon, and oven/stove you'll be all set! A basic blender will be needed for one recipe (the green juice).

Again, I'm all about simplicity and I don't like spending more time than necessary in the kitchen. Most of the meals will take 15-30 minutes, but some are fast snacks and all the meal recipes are great prepared in advance and eaten throughout the week.