be the change.

But if I'm honest with you...kindess and compassion haven't always been part of my vocabularly. When I set out to improve myself ten years ago, it wasn't just about improving my health or my mindset. I was determined to become a better person in every aspect of my life and then get out there and change the world.

It involved a lot of unlearning and relearning, and required consistent practice at being less selfish, more open-minded, and more compassionate. Volunteer work was something that helped me on this journey.

I started by volunteering at a local community center teaching retirees how to use the internet. I developed a simple course that the center could teach and implement. When we relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, I painted fingernails at a local care facility.

Once we had our own place and a yard, I dove headfirst into volunteering with a local dog rescue. Over the course of two years we fostered, rehabilitated and rehomed 14 dogs.  I then spent a year as a volunteer at The Crisis Nursery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, caring for at-risk children. 

i believe in the power of small, direct acts of kindness and generosity, and in the ability for each of us to be the change we want to see in the world.

over the past two years I've shifted my focus to how my business can give back in a bigger way, and how I can personally impact the lives of those around me through direct action, education, donations and, most importantly, divesting my earnings back to marginalized communities.

P.S. Like the t-shirt? Me, too. You can get it here. It's for a great cause.

protecting water

The "Drink Some Water" Tee will launch in May 2020. $2.00 from each sale will be donated to Save The Boundary Waters.

planting trees

Each purchase of The Daily Page Planner or The Forever Calendar plants one tree through One Tree Planted

Hydration is the root of all wellness.

Course Scholarships

I want to build a business that supports marginalized communities and ensures everyone has access to basic information about hydration.

There are also scholarships for The Hydration Checklist available to anyone experiencing financial hardship. I will always strive to keep the costs of my courses accessible because I personally know that no amount is trivial. Research shows that dehydration-related illnesses are most prevalent in low-income communities and households, which have been unfairly targeted by unhealthy food marketing and are more likely to lack access to safe water. Getting this information to those who most need it is a huge part of my mission.

To receive a course scholarship please reach out to me via the Contact Page to be added to the course free of charge. You do not need to provide any information other than your name, email address, and state that you are interested in a course scholarship.

Shoes for Activists

It's no secret that I love Rothy's shoes. I've worn them for years because they are cute...but also functional! I can easily walk or bike all day in a pair and they're great for travel because they pack so light. But...the real reason I love them? They're made from recycled plastic bottles and help clean up our oceans. Each pair removes nearly 100 bottles from our planet's waterways!

Plus...they last forever and can be machine washed on cold and air dried so that they always look brand spankin' new. When you purchase a pair using my link you give me a $20 credit toward a new pair. I have all I for the past year I've donated the Rothy's I earn to activists, folks doing good in their community, and people in need.


My Personal Pledge

My Personal Pledge in a monthly donation that I started in 2018, that I make directly from my personal income to an organization, person, or family in need.  I've been able to increase the amount each month, and will continue to do so as my business grows. I have a network of activists and clergy that connect me with those I can help.

I used to write these donations down in a notebook that I kept in my desk, just as a reminder of why I wanted to build my business --- the more my business grew, the more this fund could grow, too.  Donation recipients and their stories are always anonymous. Below is a log of my donations to date, with names and details removed. I'm sharing this as a form of accountability to those who support my business and efforts. You helped do this, too. Thank you for helping me make each one of these actions possible.

The Giving Log

4/20/18 | $75 | Monetary donation for wig for s.p

6/11/18 | $75 | Donation for k&m's go fund me

8/27/18 | $100 | Helping H. family pay their rent

10/12/18 | $25 | brain tumor association donation in honor of g.s.

11/26/18 | $25 | E.D. Raising money for a friend in bad situation

12/5/18 | $40 | A. Wilson for rent to help stay in school

12/22/18 | $50 | to l.b. to help with living costs

1/14/2019 | $50 | helping the h, family with rent

1/14/19 | $25 | donation to help r. with therapy for black women + girls

2/1/19 | $100 | black history month reparations - lunch project

2/3/19 | $115 | 4 cans of formula for baby g.

5/10/19 | $10 | to buy lunch for l. after a difficult life experience

5/29/19 | $1800 | free workshop to raise money for brown family

7/17/19 | $20 | K. buying supplies for border detention centers

9/18/19 | $40 | To help the j.hart family with expenses

10/1/19 | $125 | shoes for e.d. for her activism

11/14/19 | $25 | pizza funds  to s. for trans awareness month

12/7/19 | $25 | funds to r. needham via e.d.'s post

12/7/19 | $50 | funds to e.d. to help anonymous person in need

12/7/19 | $10 | FUNDS TO HELP C. MONtGOMERY

2/22/20 | $100 | TO D.M FAMILY FOR DINNER and expenses


2/23/20 | $100 | tO HELP FUND L'S TOP SURGERY

2/20/20 | $100 | TO m. FAMILY FOR GROCERIES

3/3/20 | $45 | Donation for student who couldn't afford class trip

3/12/20 | $150 | TO M. FAMILY FOR FOOD + EXPENSES

4/23/20 | $200 | TO M. FAMILY FOR FOOD + EXPENSES

6/20/18 | $20 | RAICES to help t.k with immigration work

3/20/19 | $10 | to e.d. raising money for lutheran ministries

4/17/29 | $15 | Donation to Trans Lifelines for M.C.'s Bday



4/23/20 | $200 | TO M. FAMILY FOR FOOD + EXPENSES


5/19/20 | $30 | to e.d for continued education

5/27/20 | $30 | to c.a. for self-care

5/28/20 | $150 | TO M.W. FOR STUDENT SUPPORT


6/3/20 | $200 | TO M. FAMILY FOR FOOD + EXPENSES

6/4/20 | $50 | TO black visions collective

6/4/20 | $75 | TO j. family for dinner + rest

6/25/20 | $50 | TO A. Gomez for MPLS Relief drive

6/29/20 | $25 | TO R.E. for self-care

7/10/20 | $500 | TO M. family for groceries and expenses

7/13/20 | $75 | TO e.m. for self care after death of cat

8/12/20 | $300 | TO D.m. TO HELP WITH EXPENSES

8/13/20 | $200 | TO m. FAMILY FOR SCHOOL CLOTHES


9/07/20 | $100 | TO JOE BIDEN CAMPAIGN

9/19/20 | $100 | TO amy mcgrath campaign

9/20/20 | $150 | TO M. family for groceries

10/01/20 | $1000 | TO M. family to help with expenses

10/23/20 | $50 | TO T.V. to help with rent

10/25/20 | $50 | TO act blue to help key senate races

11/01/20 | $1000 | TO M. family to help with expenses

11/06/20 | $100 | TO E.D Family to help with expenses

11/23/20 | $20 | TO Trans Racial Adoption Cares Gift Drive

11/24/20 | $60 | TO 5K for Austin

11/25/20 | $100 | TO D.M. Family for thanksgiving

11/25/20 | $40 | TO T.S. for food

12/01/20 | $1000 | TO D.M. Family to help with expenses

12/01/20 | $100 | TO E.D. Family to help with expenses

12/24/20 | $50 | TO T.L. for holidays/expenses

01/01/21 | $1000 | TO M. Family to help with expenses

01/01/20 | $100 | TO e.d. family to help with expenses

12/13/20 | $75 | TO E.D. to help with relocation

01/18/20 | $50 | TO t.v. for gas to help with donation efforts

01/30/21 | $25 | TO tra cares fund

02/01/20 | $100 | TO e.d. family to help with expenses

02/01/20 | $1100 | TO M. Family to help with expenses

02/22/21 | $50 | Water for texas

03/01/20 | $100 | TO e.d. family to help with expenses

03/01/20 | $1600 | TO M. Family to help with expenses

04/01/20 | $100 | TO E.D. Family to help with expenses