What You Need

Any size or model of iPad will work as long as it is compatible with an Apple Pencil or Stylus. Debating the purchase? Here are all the ways I use mine.

an ipad

You'll want an Apple Pencil or similar stylus to connect to your iPad. This will allow you to  write within the Goodnotes 5 App and have the best user experience.

apple pencil or stylus

Please install the Goodnotes App before you import your planner. Make sure it is updated to Goodnotes 5, which integrates with the interactive planners.

goodnotes 5 app

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Importing Digital Planner to Goodnoes

watch on youtube instead

How to Improve Your Digital Handwriting

watch on youtube instead

This video will show you how to import your planner into the Goodnotes App after purchasing it.

My 10 favorite tips for quickly improving the look of your handwriting within Goodnotes.


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