Planning Your Trip to Mall of America

When I was growing up my family made an annual pilgrimage up to the Twin Cities for our summer vacation. It involved Valley Fair, occasionally the Renaissance Festival and every year, without fail, some back-to-school shopping at the Mall of America. I didn’t realize growing up that not everyone lives within a couple hours of […]

September 1, 2017


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Travel: Green Gate Guest Houses

If you’re looking for a great Minnesota getaway you need to check out Green Gate Guest Houses, located near Biwabik, Minnesota. The property is bordered by Giants Ridge Recreational Area, The Mesabi Bike Trail and the Embarrass River, and is a short drive from the Bavarian-themed town of Biwabik.  We discovered Green Gate during our […]

June 8, 2017


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Travel: Minnesota’s Iron Range

After our recent trip to Duluth, MN, we continued north to Minnesota’s Iron Range. We are excited to spend time exploring some of the most bike-able areas in the state, and with more than 155 miles of paved pathway, the Iron Range was a great place for us to start this two-wheeled adventure! We started our […]

June 5, 2017


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Dog Friendly Travel: Duluth, MN

Last week we escaped north to Lake Superior for a couple nights of dog friendly travel in Duluth, Minnesota. We ended up with better weather than we had expected (always a nice surprise!) but did have to dodge rain a time or two. Even with cooler temperatures and a bit of rain, we managed to […]

May 25, 2017


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Things to do in Madison, Wisconsin

After we announced our move from Madison, Wisconsin to Minneapolis I’ve gotten a lot of “It’s so great you’re moving closer to home!”…which made me realize that a lot of people are confused about where Madison is. Our new home in Minneapolis will actually only be 10 miles closer to my hometown (147 miles versus 157), […]

April 24, 2017


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Meet Dani

Just a girl who loves planning, organization, a big glass of water, and a drawer full of pens! 

Dani Bruflodt has nearly a decade of experience as a consultant, designer, speaker, and wellness advocate.  

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