2019 Phone + Computer Wallpapers – February

  Hard to believe that we’re about to kick off the 2nd month of 2019 already? Hope you’ll enjoy these free wallpapers for your phone and computer featuring a February 2019 Calendar! You can go ahead and grab all 24 designs via the link below, or make sure you’re on my mailing list if you’d like the […]

January 30, 2019


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2019 Phone + Computer Wallpapers – January

There are two things that make me absolutely *heart eyes* happy: 1. A fresh piece of beautiful, high-quality paper and 2. A clean, organized computer desktop. Can I get an amen? Keeping my computer organized was something I used to actually struggle with a lot. I work fast, and am always multi-tasking, and that often […]

January 16, 2019


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Free Printable Planner

I’m pretty obsessed with my organizational notepads, but for years I’ve fielded requests for a planner. For the past few years I’ve provided a free Double Page Calendar File, so that those people who were begging for a planner could DIY it by creating a customized binder. This fall I finally started the process of […]

November 25, 2018


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Free 2018 Printable Calendars

Well, we’re officially into the 5th month of the year, which means it’s time for me to make all my calendar designs available for free (capitalism, man). Both of the designs above are available for you to download and print. Enjoy! Download the 2018 Mini Calendar Download the 2018 1-page Calendar    

May 16, 2018


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Free Wine Tag Printables

I’m not much for gift giving during the holidays, but what I do enjoy is delivering a nice bottle of wine! These free wine tag printables are a super simple but effective way to personalize a nice bottle of wine for the holidays. Simply select the PDF below, print it out (Cardstock paper works best), […]

December 8, 2017

Designing, Entertaining

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Meet Dani

Just a girl who loves planning, organization, a big glass of water, and a drawer full of pens! 

Dani Bruflodt has nearly a decade of experience as a consultant, designer, speaker, and wellness advocate.  

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