Plan Podcast Episode 014: Planning to Beat Digital Overwhelm

Constantly checking your phone? Feel like you have a 3-second attention span? Suffering from a neverending case of FOMO? Then today’s episode of the Plan Podcast is for you. I’m sharing my insight as someone who works in the social media industry, how the long hours of consuming content have impacted me personally, and the […]

February 14, 2019


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Plan Podcast Episode 013: Planning to go Low-Toxic

Low-toxic living (or “Low-tox”) is the practice of decreasing your exposure to the toxic ingredients that are lurking in your personal care products. Today we’re talking about why you should care about this, and laying out a simple 4-phase plan to clean to up your routine. Phase 1 – Swap out the “big 4”! Which […]

February 7, 2019


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My Low-Toxic Routine + Favorite Products

In this week’s episode of the Plan Podcast we discussed what it means to go low-toxic in your personal care routines and I shared a 4-phase plan to start cleaning up your products. For me, being low-toxic simply means trying to decrease my exposure to the harmful toxins that are found in a lot of […]

February 6, 2019


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Peanut Butter, Maple, Banana, Coconut Granola

We often get asked what food items we miss most from the US, and although there really haven’t been many things we miss there was this peanut butter granola we used to buy at Whole Foods that we recently got a craving for. I knew that homemade granola was supposed to be pretty simple, so I […]

February 2, 2019


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Plan Podcast Episode 012: Planning to be more Eco-Conscious

We know that slowing climate change will require activism against corporations, but how can simple, maintainable changes in our daily lives inspire us to mobilize? In this episode, I’m sharing 10 actionable things you can do right now to become more eco-conscious, with the hope that making our own sacrifices will inspire us to demand […]

January 31, 2019


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Meet Dani

Just a girl who loves planning, organization, a big glass of water, and a drawer full of pens! 

Dani Bruflodt has nearly a decade of experience as a consultant, designer, speaker, and wellness advocate.  

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