I'm Dani, and this charming pup in my lap is Walter. He keeps me company while I help business owners navigate today's digital spaces. 

I've spent the past decade online, watching as new trends emerge and social media platforms are born.  I opened my first Etsy Shop in 2008, launched my first blog in 2010, and was wearing a lot of hats as an entrepreneur, information manager at a publishing company, and featured writer for a local magazine when social media entered the scene in 2010 as a marketing platform for businesses. 

I fell in love with social media's ability to connect people, and found that my background in museum studies and archival science lent itself well to this new industry. I loved taking huge amounts of information and curating content and imagery into something that could easily be understood by the public. My type-a personality made me a wiz at organizing massive amounts of information into a strategic game plans and content calendars for my clients. I had found my passion.

Over the past decade I've had the opportunity to work closely with clients across the US, and have helped their audiences grow from zero, to 3,000, to 70,0000 to more than 5 million. I've cheered them on as they've gotten their first orders, and damn near cried tears of joy as I snapped photos of their products sitting on the shelves of national giants like Target, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie and Whole Foods!

I'm thrilled that you've found yourself here at Thyme is Honey, my online home where I share my work along with my passions. Please have a look around and reach out via the contact form if there are any questions I can answer. 

dani bruflodt

and walter,
too, of course...

Walter is our 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Find more of him at #WalterBtheJRT

content + social media strategist

More About Dani

Dani Bruflodt is a 2004 graduate of Mabel-Canton High School, where she graduated in a class of 28 kids, got detention twice, got cut from the volleyball team (also twice) and was voted most creative. In 2008 she graduated from Luther College, where she was the editor of the yearbook, spent too much time on her Dell Inspiron, and was regularly seen floating down the Upper Iowa River in an inner-tube. 

Dani launched her first business in 2009 at the age of 22, and has worked in social media and content strategy since 2010. Since she loves to make dreams come true, including her own, she also designs products for her Etsy Shop, where she has recorded nearly 10,000 sales and well over $150,000 in revenue. Her Etsy shop is currently listed in the top 2% of the 1.9 million shops on the platform. Not bad for a side hustle.

She can and will talk your ear off about three topics: volunteering, dogs and food. She has had an active volunteer role almost consistently since the age of 19. She will pet and attempt to hug any dog that wanders within 25 feet of her. She reads a lot of books (here are her 10 favorites), loves to cook, and has been known to have as many as 8,000 photos on her iPhone at any given time. 

Dani was born and raised in the rolling farmland of Southeastern Minnesota, has lived in various parts of the Minneapolis metro area, spent 6 years as a proud resident of Madison, Wisconsin, and as of April 2018 is living out her dream of becoming an international digital nomad when her and her husband relocated  to Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Dani's work has been featured at ALIVE magazine, Buzzfeed, The Today Show, Lakeshore Magazine, Midwest Living, The Rising Tide Society and Our Body Book by Cameron Diaz. In 2018 she was named one of the 6 People You Should Know in Minneapolis-St.Paul.

When she isn’t working you’ll likely find her on her bike. Packed into a canoe with her dog and husband. Reminding people to hydrate. Lost on Quora for a couple hours. Or writing about herself in the third person. 

Can you describe Dani in one word?

I asked 4 important people in my life to describe me in one word. Originally I just wanted these words to help guide me as I wrote my bio and site content, but thought they were fun to share. 

mom- incredible

What volunteer work do you do?

Currently I am in training to volunteer with refugees in Copenhagen. During our time in Minneapolis I volunteered with at-risk children at the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. When we lived in Madison, my husband and I spent two years fostering dogs through Fetch Wi, and were able to help save the lives of 14 dogs. 

Other volunteer gigs over the years have been: a fingernail painter at our nearby nursing home, developing a social media training program for the elderly to help them stay in touch with their families, and a youth volleyball coach.  I'm truly passionate about volunteering your time and would be happy to answer any questions you have about any of these organizations. 

Tell me more about Walter!

Well, if I must (just kidding, I could talk about him all day). We often get asked what kind of dog Walter is. He's a wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier, although strangers on the street like to argue and tell us that he's definitely a Westie (he definitely isn't).

Walter is fluffy because we routinely took him to a groomer as a puppy to have his hair lightly shaved. This makes them lose the wiry texture and instead make them curly and fluffy! Not really accepted in the world of "breed standards", but we think he's adorable and unique! 

Walter has the best personality, and knows a lot of tricks! Including cleaning up laundry, playing basketball and will shut drawers on command. He's such a helper! He's happiest when all three of us are packed into a canoe for an overnight camping trip, but we're also that couple who hauls their dog around in a bike cart.