I like big lists and I cannot lie.

Is SirMixALot stuck in your head now? Great. We're gonna get along just fine.

I'm Dani, a systems and efficiency expert, time optimizer, and creator of The Daily Page Planner.

I help people just like you build strong systems and establish kickass habits so you have more time for what truly matters.

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Ready to reclaim your time, focus your efforts, and start doing more of what really matters?! From strong systems to organizing your digital photos...I got you!

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These are my not-so-secret weapons! Planners,  notepads, & calendars thoughtfully and sustainably created on a woman-owned printing press in Minnesota.


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Any type of rice bowl or curry will put a smile on my face.


Riding my bike, reading in a hammock, walking my dog, or paddling a sea kayak.


Filling out The Daily Page. Taking long walks. Staying hydrated.


Building a business that gives back and takes care of people and communities.


My mission is to help people reclaim their time, increase their energy, focus their efforts, and have more impact on the world.

I'm Dani Bruflodt (pronounced brew-flawt), a former social media strategist turned online entrepreneur, who is passionate about organization, hydration, and advocacy.

With a degree in history and museum studies, my love of information curation led me to leave my career in publishing to start my own social media agency in 2011. 

After managing accounts and launching hundreds of products for international clients, I decided it was high-time to focus my skills on launching a dream product of my very own: a holistic planner design that had been my not-so-secret weapon for nearly a decade.

I launched The Daily Page on Etsy, and quickly reached thousands of customers worldwide. After completing more than 22,000 sales and being ranked among the top 1% of Etsy Shops globally, I launched my own independent site in 2021.

My little baby, The Daily Page, is now available as a notepad, spiral-bound planner, and interactive digital planner. It's still the tool I rely on every day to stay organized and get sh*t done.

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Belief Statement

I never want you left wondering where me or my team stand on issues of justice or equality.

As a business, and as a person, I do not tolerate any form of discrimination, including but not limited to: homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, fatphobia, racism, sexism etc.

I believe firmly that we are all capable of learning. And when we know better, we can do better. We all make mistakes, and messing up is often when we learn the most. I do not try to lead perfectly, but I try to lead with integrity and transparency.

I moderate all of my digital spaces in order to keep them safe, inclusive, and supportive for everyone.

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Meet my Team

Darcy (aka, my mom!) retired after 39 years as a USPS postmaster. She oversees inventory and shipping operations at my shop, The Daily Page, and ensures we stay in the good graces of our local mailman. When she's not packaging orders, she stays busy as a mom to 5 and grandmother to 7.

If you ever hear snoring in the background of a video call, it's this guy. Walter is my 10-year old Jack Russell Terrier. He hates pigeons, loves taking long rides in the cargo bike, and is 100% aware of his ability to get away with anything.


"Before we can change the world... we have to change ourselves."

Holistic, sustainable productivity tools for modern times.