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My Grandma calls me Dani-Pie, but you can stick with Dani if you want to.

A lot has happened since I sketched out the first draft of The Daily Page in 2010. I created it at a time when my mental and physical health was in a nose-dive. In addition to wanting more structure around my daily tasks and work, I also needed to make myself accountable to basic human needs like remembering to drink water, eat some vegetables and move my body once in a while.

In the decade that followed, I founded multiple six-figure businesses, managed social media for international clients, and moved across the world to one of my favorite cities. 

The Daily Page deserves credit for getting me out of a real funk, building my career, and helping me prioritize joy, sleep and my most meaningful relationships. Most importantly, it helped me become more informed on social justice issues and has given me the foundation I needed to fight for causes I believe in.

dani bruflodt

Founder + Creator

I'm passionate about building a business rooted in mutual aid, sustainability, and having a positive impact on people's lives.

The Daily Page is a woman-owned, family-run, small-batch paper goods studio. 

We create products with simple, minimalist designs to help you organize your day while also prioritizing yourself.

Founded in 2010, we proudly partner with a Minnesota-based, women-owned printing press to produce our thoughtful collection of paper goods. Our team ships them to you using locally-sourced, recycled packing material from our Midwest-based studio.

We completed more than 19,050 sales through The Daily Page Etsy Shop—which was ranked among the top 1% of Etsy shops in the world (!) before opening an independent shop in 2021.

Our mission is to help people reclaim their time, increase their energy, focus their efforts, and have more impact on the world.

We get really fired up about sustainability and fighting injustice. We do everything we can to ensure our business aligns with our desire to build a better, more equitable world and we believe in complete transparency when it comes to our initiatives.


Please visit the Giving Back page to learn about the ways we advocate, volunteer our time, and divest our earnings.

Curious how your order arrived so dang fast? Meet our secret weapon (my mom!).

It's no secret that moms are the glue holding the entire world together, and the same is true for my business.

My mom joined the team part-time in 2018. In 2020 she retired after 39 years with the United States Postal Service and took over shipping and logistics for The Daily Page.

My reviews instantly started sounding like Jimmy John's (FREAKY FAST!), as she tightened up and optimized the entire process surrounding our shipping operation.

darcy erickson

Shipping Coordinator

Along with being a mom to five and a grandma to 6, she ensures orders get out the door each day, manages the inventory, and keeps us in the good graces of our local mailman. 

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My happy place is on the water.

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My favorite way to experience the world is from the bow of a canoe or kayak.