My Etsy Shop is currently listed among the top 1% in the world. You can find my products in shops across the U.S. My work has been featured on The Today Show, Buzzfeed, Lakeshore Magazine, Midwest Living, The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, and The Rising Tide Society. In 2018 I was named one of the 6 People You Should Know in Minneapolis-St. Paul, by ALIVE Magazine

My product photography is currently featured in Target and Whole Foods locations across the U.S., and I manage social media and online content for 3 US-based brands. I specialize in authentic, ethical social media practices and creative, engaging content.

I continue to create new designs for my shop while also sharing educational content through my blog, podcast, and online tutorials. You can connect with me through my Instagram Account, the Thyme is Honey Hive on Facebook, or by dropping me a note through the Contact Form

I was raised in the rolling farmland of Southeastern Minnesota. Spent 6 years as a very proud resident of Madison, Wisconsin. And in the Spring of 2018 relocated with my husband, Josh, and our dog, Walter, to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I do a lot of research into the connection between a daily croissant and eternal happiness. 

When I'm not working I'm reading a book, listening to podcasts, hunting down good buffalo wings, traveling, or relaxing in a kayak (and sometimes all of those things at once). 

I'm Dani, and I'd like to thank you for finding your way to my little corner of the internet. The past decade has flown by -- and wouldn't have been possible without excessive amounts of both coffee and lemon water -- but here's my best attempt at summing it up.

I hit publish on my very first blog post back in early 2010. At the time, I was working at a publishing company, had just gotten engaged, and was about to start writing for a local magazine. A lot of exciting things were happening, but I was also reaching a point of exhaustion and had been failing to take care of myself mentally and physically. 

That hectic season of life led me to create my first product: The Daily Page. A one-page organizational layout that helps you align your work and wellness in a single place. By the time 2011 rolled around, I was in control of my health, had taken the leap from the corporate world to self-employment, and began marketing my digital designs online.

The Daily Page was a huge part of my entrepreneurial journey, not only as my best-selling product but also as the tool I used to discover the secret to well-planned days that balance both work and wellness, allowing me to launch my next endeavor: a creative agency assisting small businesses with their social media.  

The Daily Page is still part of my everyday routine, after all these years. It is my secret weapon when it comes to tackling it all, and I'm not alone: I have sold over 25,000 copies of The Daily Page to date. 

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