HONEYS: Hydration, Organization, Nutrition, Exercise, Your "Y", and Sleep.

The HONEYS method is a tool I have used for years, and you’ll see it reflected in a lot of my work along with the products in my shop. It’s an acronym that helps me return to six foundation aspects of wellness that help me manage my focus, energy, and motivation.

HONEYS stands for:
💦 H – HydrationTry to be consistent with hydration. Drink water when you feel tired, unfocused, and frustrated.

📝 O – OrganizationCheck in on your four core organizational systems (Schedule, Projects, Research, and Execution). Are they up-to-date? Are you doing your power up, power down, and monthly check-in?

🥗 N – NutritionAre you eating enough? Nourishing yourself throughout the day? Are you choosing foods that fuel your mind + body? When in doubt: add plants.

🏃🏻‍♀️ E – ExerciseGet a little movement. Even just 3 minutes of stretching or a short walk counts. Bonus points if you also get sunshine.

❤️ Y – Your “Y”Ground yourself in your “why” and remember your purpose for wanting to be intentional with how you spend your time and how you care for yourself.

💤 S – SleepAre you getting enough sleep? If not, why? Assess your systems (this can alleviate stress that might be keeping you awake) and check your hydration, nutrition, and exercise.
Diet and wellness culture have overcomplicated many of these things, and I firmly believe that there are simple, foundational elements we can return to. HONEYS helps me remember the basics of these six areas and is a quick way to check in with myself.

This is just one part of my course, Thyme Transformation. If getting a handle on these areas of your life and combining them with better energy management and organization would be helpful to you, I’d love to have you join me. The course is self-paced, and you can get started right away.
If you’re looking at these and thinking “Wow, I think each one of these things is reflected in the design  of  TheDailyPage?!” You would be 100% correct. My holistic planner design was created to help you prioritize both work and wellness each day — because you can’t do your best work if you don’t feel your best. And although my course is not about The Daily Page, you will definitely become a power user by the end of it! Learn more here. ✌🏻

Calm Your Overwhelm with HONEYS

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