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Want to learn one simple trick that could help you get more done and start your day feeling motivated?

I call it “three easy wins,” and it goes like this: instead of starting your day with the most important or difficult task, identify three simple, fast tasks that you can complete in 5 minutes or less and put them at the top of your to-do list (on The Daily Page, you can pop ’em in the “Top Three” section).

Here are some examples of “Three Easy Wins” you might consider:

Start your day by completing your Three Easy Wins and checking them off your list. This hack works because your brain responds more-or-less the same to completion, whether the task is big or small — so you’ll get a small dose of dopamine.

Dopamine is the hormone that enables motivation to accomplish our goals, desires, and needs. Starting your day with “Three Easy Wins” gives you a little jumpstart that you can ride into harder, more complex tasks. I often put a task I’m not looking forward to in the #4 spot, so I can jump right into it after Three Easy Wins. Works like a charm! Especially if I’m feeling a little lazy or am procrastinating on a specific task or project.

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Three Easy Wins: One Simple Trick for Getting More Done

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