How to Automatically Translate Languages in Google Sheets - See the steps in a video tutorial!

Did you know that a simple formula can auto-translate over 100+ languages for you in Google Sheets in mere seconds? I love this trick for quickly creating study guides and cheat sheets, or quizzing myself on vocabulary and spelling.

To make one, just follow these steps (or click play on the short video below):

  1. Go to Google Sheets and create a new Sheet.
  2. In Column A, make a list of words or phrases in your native language (example, English).
  3. In cell B2 you’ll enter this formula: =googletranslate(A2,“en”,“da”)
  4. It will “load” for a second or two and then provide the translated text in Danish in cell B2.
  5. With cell B2 still selected, you’ll hover over the blue square in the corner and pull it down to extend the formula throughout all the rows of Column B you’ve created.

Ta-da! Almost like magic, right? And you can do this with nearly any language you want. All you’ll need is this list of Google Language Codes. Locate the codes you need and swap them out in the formula above.

If you want, you could add a third row and repeat the formula with a second or third language. When studying, you can hide Column A or Column B to quiz yourself (right click > hide column). Hope this is fun and helpful for you! If you are trying to make language learning a daily habit, I recommend trying out The Habit Tracker — an easy-t0-use Google Sheet that will help you establish up to 15 daily habits and track your progress. Want more of my tips? Sign up for my weekly newsletter, The Weekly Page. It hits your inbox every Friday!

How to Automatically Translate Languages in Google Sheets

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