The Best Digital Habit Tracker for Google Sheets: Learn how to set it up and start using it in less than 3 minutes!

Throughout 2022 I crushed a bunch of new habits thanks to the help of The Digital Habit Tracker I created for Google Sheets! And since so many people also loved using it last year, I’ve made an updated version for 2023 that has a wonderful new tabbed layout to make navigation and organization even easier. It also allows you to track up to 15 monthly habits (the previous version supported up to 10).

But it still has the basic functionality of the original:

  • As you check off the habits for the day, the emojis at the bottom of the column will change.
  • Your monthly progress will update in the far right column and change color as your % increases.
  • Easy to use checkbox systems.
  • Annual overview that displays charts and graphics.

If you’d like a short tour around The Habit Tracker and a bit of help with how to set it up and customize it, click play on the video below for my short tutorial!

One of the best tips I have for building consistency with The Habit Tracker is to set it as one of the designated tabs in your browser! That way, it opens each day when you start up your browser, and you’re kind of forced to look at it right as you start your day. That was a game-changer for me! Steps for exactly how to do that are included in the video above.

Need help deciding what habits to build this year?Β  Here are some ideas:

πŸ”ƒPower Up & Down – These are quick, 3-minute routines I do at the beginning and end of my workday to align my schedule with my priorities and reconcile information in my systems. It’s amazing how much more productive my days are when I take the time to plan them strategically.

πŸ’ͺ🏻 Cardio Circuit – I have two apps I love for doing quick, at-home workouts. The first is called “7M Workout,” and it helps you arrange 7-minute circuits with varying exercises. The second is called BitTimer, and it creates customized circuits of work/rest.

πŸ‹ Morning Water – I use “morning water” to signify a goal of drinking at least 12 ounces of water before I have coffee in the morning. Often I use my Morning Water Recipe.

πŸ”‡ Silence – Busy mind, busy life? If you struggle to make time for meditation, consider prioritizing “quiet time” during the day. Spend 10 minutes of your commute with the radio off. Go for a walk without headphones. Give yourself a 5-minute time out. Turn off that background noise while you work.

πŸ’¨Breathing – Did you know that deep breathing not only helps relieve stress, it also helps you burn carbs?! This TedTalk blew my mind. Anyways, I love using the 4-7-8 method a few times a day: inhale through your nose for a count of 4, hold it for a count of 7, exhale through your nose for 8.

πŸ™πŸ» Gratitude – Did you know that even a simple daily gratitude practice (like writing down one good thing you experienced) can lead to positive health outcomes, better sleep, and less stress? Here’s more about the benefits + my tips for getting started with gratitude.

πŸ“ Journaling – One of my goals for 2023 is to improve my writing. What better place to start than with building a regular journaling practice? Give it a try with my list of 90 Unique Journaling Prompts.

πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Yoga Flow – I’m not a “huge” yoga person, but I love the little break and stretch it provides. I use this simple 3-minute yoga routine and try to do it at least 8x a month.

πŸ• Outta Bed – I love staying in a warm, comfy bed…but can easily waste an hour scrolling or diving into customer messages. I use this to represent getting out of bed when my alarm goes off.

πŸ₯— Eat Well – I use this to remind myself to pay attention to my natural hunger and fullness queues, to eat foods that nourish me, and to eat regularly throughout the day. My favorite book for learning more is Gentle Nutrition.

πŸ’ŠVitamins – Using your Habit Tracker to remember medications, vitamins, or other supplements can be a great way to make it a regular habit. For a monthly delivery of customized vitamins, I use a service called Cuure (use the code DANI3876 for 30% off your first order).

🌞 Sunshine – Getting sunlight every day is important for our overall health and circadian rhythm. It’s recommended to get at least 20 minutes of sunlight before 10 AM.

🍊 Orange Theory – Do you do a group workout class like OrangeTheory or SoulCycle? Those can be fun activities to put on your habit tracker, too.

πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Morning Run – Along with biking, climbing, Orange Theory, and quick at-home workouts, I also try to mix in 1 outdoor run each week, especially when the weather is nice!

🚨 Red Light Therapy – This is an infrared light that you simply sit in front of. I’ve wanted one since reading the book Quench a few years ago and finally invested in one this year. It’s great for hydration (and, therefore, our skin, fascia, + more). I have an InfrarediΒ  Flex Mid.

πŸ‘Ÿ 10K Steps – Try setting a simple health goal like 10K steps per day. A study in JAMA Neurology found that 10,000 steps a day was linked to less cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stroke, and heart failure), 13 types of cancer, and dementia. 10K steps is about the same as walking four or five miles, depending on your stride.

You can grab your copy of The Habit Tracker here. Can’t wait to see what habits it helps you establish and strengthen in the year ahead! Once you have it set up, send me a photo, screenshot, or tag me in your story on Instagram @Thyme_is_Honey — I’d love to see what habits you’re working on this year!

Digital Habit Tracker for Google Sheets

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