Before going all-in as a product-based business owner, I was running a social media agency and working with as many as 8 clients (!!!) at once. Any SoMe folks out there know that is *a lot*, especially if you’re creating all content, managing vendor communication, posting, and moderating for every platform for every client. Plus, they all used different platforms for project management, and some of them even required me to use a separate email account + calendar *cue the sweating*. Sometimes I wonder how I survived this stage of my career, but then I remember….the secret was User Profiles.

User Profiles are a tool that is incredibly helpful if you are managing multiple accounts, brands or clients — I still use it for myself since I manage profiles for both Thyme is Honey (my main website) and The Daily Page (my paper goods shop), and two clients. However, this has also been a tool that I’ve been able to teach students in my group course, Thyme Transformation, who simply want an easy way to organize the tools they use for work and their personal life, or their primary job and their side gig, etc.

So, here’s a quick video tutorial that will show you how User Profiles work in Google Chrome. I’ll show you how I continue to utilize it in my business for the clients I still work with and walk you through how to set one up.

Once you’ve watched this, you might also want to check out my tutorials for:

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Those are two additional tips that can save you even more time + stress by helping you organize accounts + sites specific to each user profile you set up! Happy organizing.

How to Organize Your Work with User Profiles

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