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September is just around the corner, and this month for The Last Half Effort we are discussing nutrition. Like most people, my journey with nutrition has been a long one, and although my approach is still imperfect, I finally feel like my relationship with food has arrived at a really good, balanced place.

The Last Half Effort is my free group coaching program that goes through the end of the year. Enrollment is now closed, but if you joined, you will receive an exclusive email from me with some of my biggest takeaways and resources related to nutrition. This month I’m discussing the role diet culture has played in my relationship with both food and my body, and how that has sometimes skewed my understanding of proper nutrition. You can refer to that email for some of my favorite pieces of advice about nutrition along with books and other resources that I’ve found helpful.

Below are four journal prompts to help you explore your own relationship with both diet culture and nutrition.


September Journal Prompts: Nutrition

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