It’s August 1st, there are 5 full months left in 2022, and we’re kicking off the first official themed month of The Last Half Effort! I am so so so so SO excited that you’re here and honored to end the year with you. This is my opportunity to share some of the most impactful things I’ve learned about each month’s topic, to help you get from A to B faster and more efficiently.

This month’s theme is hydration, and it’s first for a good reason: hydration is the root of all wellness.

So many of us rush into big changes and massive goals without considering one very basic element that is absolutely mandatory to achieving any of it: staying hydrated.

We often focus on the aesthetic benefits of hydration. It’ll help our skin glow! Decrease the dark circles under our eyes! Give us fresher breath! And while yes, all that is true, hydration is so much more than that.

Below are four journal prompts about your relationship with hydration. Set aside time throughout the month to write about these prompts while you actively work on building habits surrounding hydration.

If you are participating in The Last Half Effort (enrollment is now closed) you can also refer to this month’s exclusive coaching email for some of my favorite information, resources, and tips for building hydrating habits in your life.

Happy hydrating!

August Journal Prompts: Hydration

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