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If you’ve got a thick lineup of graduation parties in the coming weeks, then I’ve got your back with The Best Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads! These are all items I have personally used and loved for years, and as someone who lives as quite a minimalist you know they had to be really good to earn a spot in my life. Hope it helps and that you’ll eat a piece of cake for me!

For Graduates

The Kitchen Shelf Cookbook ($40.84) – This simple cookbook is one of my favorites and while I love it for anyone — it’s especially great for young people who are just starting out on their own. The book introduces you to the staple items you should keep in your kitchen, and then provides recipes and shopping lists for learning basic recipes that will keep you fed and healthy on any budget.

Ceramic Dishes ($45.00) – One of my most prized possessions is my set of 2 bowls from Dorothy Domingo Pottery ($45.00) that I have had for well over a decade. I think a couple of high-quality, custom ceramic pieces are such a thoughtful gift for graduates, and likely something they will use throughout their life — thinking of you each time. Some other favorites would be this ceramic cup with thumb holds ($32.00),and  this 16 oz travel cup with lid ($39.00),

Mildliner Highlighters ($17.74) – If you have a very Type-A graduate headed off to college, grad school, a research position or even a full-time job, these Mildliners are a must-have. They have one thick tip and one fine tip and come in an array of colors.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility  ($19.79) – Help the young person in your life navigate sex, birth control, and fertility with this comprensive guide. I won’t lie, it’s practically a text book, but it has all the information they’d ever want or need to know regardless of their sex or gender. I can guarantee that if we’d had a copy of this on my freshman floor it would have been getting passed around. And now, with Roe v. Wade at risk, it’s more important than ever to arm young people with science-based information regarding reproduction. Another favorite for lighter reading but highly-informative is In the Flo ($15.99).

Giant Pack of 144 Condoms ($33.25) – Too much? I don’t think so. Regardless of what you do or do not know about your young person’s sex life or preferences, a big ol’ fish bowl full of condoms can be used for many types of sex and will likely get used by them or their friends.

AirPod Pros 3rd Gen ($149.99) – A great pair of headphones are a must for grads — whether they are heading off to college, grad school, or the workforce. Perfect for long walks across campus, afternoon runs, or listening to podcasts before a lecture (wink wink).

The Daily Page Planner ($54.99) – Aligning your (school)work alongisde vital aspects of health and wellness is something we need to learn and establish as a routine in our lives. The Daily Page Planner is designed to do just that. With space for to-do lists, scheduling, and planning organized right next to hydration tracking, meal planning, mental health practices, movement, sleep and more. Gift your graduate the gift of feeling their best so they can do their best work.

Productivity Timer ($20.00) – I use this timer every day for staying focused while working, but would have loved it while I was in college or grad school, too! Just flip the hexagonal clock to the varying sides to automatically start a 5, 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute timer.

Dyson V8 Motorhead  ($398.99) – If you have a grad moving into their own (small) space, a Dyson V8 will be secret weapon that will help them keep it clean and they’ll be singing your praises for years to come. We keep ours mounted in a small cupboard, and the light-weight, cordless deseign is easy to grab and run around the apartment once or twice a day. It’s practically a broom with sucking power and by far the best gift I’ve ever given myself.


Starting a 9-5

Rothy’s Shoes ($398.99) – Office-appropriate shoes that are also comfortable and functional are hard to fine. I’ve sworn by Rothy’s for years and absolutely love them. They’re comfortable, can be tossed in the washing machine, last forever, and are made from recycled plastic water bottles removed from ocean waters. “The Point” style is by far my favorite, and transitions perfectly from your commute (even by foot or bike!) to the office, happy hour, and beyond. Nervous about buying shoes for someone? Rothy’s offers free returns and exchanges (just don’t wear them outside before exchanging them). Take $20 off a pair with my referral code.

RocksBox Membership ($49-189.00) – Starting an office job can mean a big investment in a new office-appropriate wardrobe, which can be daunting for new grads. One of my best tips: purchase a few high-quality basic pieces, and then dress them up with fun jewelry. A subscription to RocksBox is like Netflix for jewelry, and is a fun way to exapnd their wardrobe by giving your graduate access to an endless supply of designer jewelry that they can swap in and out whenever they want. Try 1-Month Free with my referral code or shop their gift cards for 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.

Hello Fresh Meal Gift Card ($70-140.00) – Living on your own while starting school or a job can be a big transition for young folks. Hello Fresh will send your grad portioned ingredients they can use to cook healthy meals at home. Not only will it help them learn to cook for themselves, but it will also save them time and stress. A $70 gift card will feed 2 people with 3 meals a week or provide food + lunch leftovers for one. When you purchase a gift card you can print it out and include it in with your graduation card, or select an email address to have it sent to on a specific date.


The Entrepreneur

Secura Milk Frother ($40.98) – Sometimes my milk frother feels like my most reliable co-worker. It gets me through busy mornings and plenty of afternoon slumps. The best ones will froth milk either cold or hot, so you can enjoy it over warm coffee, or poured on tea for an afternoon iced latte.

Creative Market Credits ($25-500) – Credits to use on Creative Market are super useful for anyone planning to start a business, whether it’s a clothing store, restaurant, or graphic design business of their own. It’ll save them both time and stress by providing them with access to thousands of templates, graphic elements, and fonts.


Seeing the World

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Bag ($210.00) – While this is a bit of an investment piece, it will be so appreciate by a travel-loving graduate whether they want to travel the world or across the US on a budget. We’ve had ours for 11 years and have taken them to nearly two dozen countries and on trips as long as 4-5 weeks. We call them our “magic bags” because they can pack so much but still be taken as a carry-on for most flights. We just used them to travel to Iceland for 10 days, with our tent and sleeping bags in them. Truly such a great gift for any travelers you love!

Packing Cubes ($45.00) – Another great gift for those that love to travel are packing cubes. These help compact your clothing and organize your bag so it’s easy to pull things out. They absolutely transformed the way I pack and travel.

Tandem Hammock System ($32.95 ) – This is by far our most-used wedding gift, but I think it also makes a great gift for graduates. Using the simple system you can hang it up in trees in parks, woods, or mountaintops whether you’re on an epic hike or simply looking for a place to rest and read on a Saturday afternoon.

Best Graduation Gifts for 2022 Grads

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