Wanna be that person who wakes up and does yoga ___ times a week?! It’s a great addition to your morning routine and can be a very relaxing and intentional start to your day. As with any new habit, it’s best to start small, establish the habit, and then add to it when you’re ready (if you want to!).

Give it a try with this simple, 3-minute yoga flow that you can do next to your bed with no equipment or experience.

Just position your body into each pose as best you can (doesn’t have to be perfect!), breathe deeply, and hold each pose for 20 seconds.

Once you establish this micro-habit, you can add to it by repeating the flow 2-3 times or holding each pose longer. But don’t feel bad if you stick to the 3-minute routine! 3 minutes of yoga and breathing each day is better than none and is enough to help improve brain function and reduce stress so you can start your day focused and motivated.

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Note: This layout was inspired by this post found on Pinterest, which was created by @wabisabimish. Her work can be found at MichelleParry.com

The Daily Flow: A Simple, 3-minute Yoga Routine for Focus and Motivation

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  1. Ella W Emerson says:

    Wonderful and wondering what the cost of your March 25 th class is!?

  2. Onicha Tucker says:

    I just wanted to say that finding this page and the examples are drawn in a way that are reassuring and it is just as I would know is pleasing to the persons eye.

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