The number one mistake most of us make when trying to change our habits is going all the way in, way too fast. Because when it comes to building habits, we don’t need intensity, we need consistency.


I want to encourage you to start small, make the tiny habit part of your routine, and build on it.


Want to start meditating? Try 2-3 minutes a day.


Journaling? Start with just one line a day.


Running? Try running for 3 minutes, then 4, then 5.


Drinking more water? Drink a full glass each day this week. Two glasses a day next week and so on.


Eating healthier? Choose one meal a day to revamp in a healthier way. Then when you’re ready, do two meals a day. Then three.


Little habits add up to big changes, I promise. This week I wanted to share three apps I have on my phone and use all the time to help reach my goals. Hope these are helpful!



Got anything you want to Tally up? I’ve found this app to be really useful for various things. The super-simple interface is really the star of the show. Simply open the app and tap the tile to add a “count”. It’s great for tracking any habits (good or bad) that you want to expand or limit. Personally, I use it for tracking cocktails/beer per month. It’s just a number I like to be conscious of so that I’m aware of my consumption. And this app makes it super simple to track it from anywhere, anytime (like a party or vacation).

Microsoft To-Do

I’ve been using To-Do for nearly a decade (back in the good ol’ days it was called ‘Wunderlist’ before Microsoft purchased it in 2015). It’s actually the only program I use for tracking big picture projects in my business, but I also use it for nearly every aspect of my life. I’ve got lists for blog posts to write, new products to launch, books to read, movies to watch, and even my grocery list. The collaborative feature allows me to share certain lists with my husband or team members, and you can add attachments, notes, and deadlines (with reminders). My favorite feature is that you can click on “My Day” and it will create your to-do list for today based on tasks from all your lists and their priority/deadline status. This is the app I open in the morning (along with Google Calendar) to parse information out of “the cloud” onto The Daily Page so that I can focus throughout the day (and stay out of apps!).  You can set up an account online and have it sync across your computer and phone so it’s always easy to access and edit. This one I know for sure is available for both iOS and Android.

7M Workout

I’ve been using this app for nearly a year now and it’s the best workout app I’ve ever used (and used consistently!). Did I mention that it’s free? You can use it regardless of your fitness level or experience, but I especially love that it makes working out really simple for people who are just starting out. Just go through a list of exercises to select the ones you like or enjoy doing. The app will organize them into a list, and you’ll do each exercise for 30 seconds. The app has simple on-screen instructions if you need to know how to do the exercise, and also a timer and voice coaching to keep you going. I set up several simple 7-8 minute workouts and do them regularly throughout the week. Also — you don’t need any equipment to get started, although I’d recommend adding some free weights or resistance bands once the exercises start to feel easy. New to working out? Try setting up a 3-minute workout, and then adding to it when you’re ready. I especially love that I can turn the voice coaching off, and just rely on the beeps to do the workout while I listen to a podcast.

Bit Timer

This app is so random but it’s funny how often I use it! I’ve had it on my phone for years, and I bet I use it nearly every single day! Each color represents either “work” “rest” or “repeat” and you simply drag the bar up or down to increase or decrease the time/quantity for each interval. For example, when I first started running, I had it set up to do 3 minutes of work, 2 minutes of rest, and repeat 3 times. I’d head out on a run with the timer going and my music on. I would run for 3 minutes, walk for 2 minutes and repeat that cycle 3 times for a total of 15 minutes. Eventually, I could run for 15 minutes straight.

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