2022 Calendars: download these clean, simple, minimalist planning calendars for FREE. Choose between Sunday or Monday start.

Is there anything better than a fresh, new calendar? Well, probably a fresh, new, *free* calendar, I’m guessin’. I create these simple planning calendars each year and am thrilled to provide you with them for 2022.

I truly hope this year is good to you, and that these calendars help you map out whatever it is you’re dreaming of doing. I hope there are moments of rest between the work and that when these next 365 days come to a close you feel fulfilled and at peace with the ways in which you grew.

Click below to get a printable PDF of the calendars delivered right to your inbox. You can choose between a Sunday or Monday Start version before you download the file.

If you love calendars and organization be sure to check out The Forever Calendar, which is available for purchase in my Shop.  The Forever Calendar allows you to view all 365 days at once thanks to a vertical grid layout and allows you to reuse it year after year by framing the dateless design. I have personally used this design for the past 4 years for my business and love the momentum it provides with seeing the big picture during a product launch or managing complex schedules. Not to mention how clutch that erasable, reusable design ended up being during #PandemicLife! You can purchase it here (and take 10% off your order with the code HONEY) or click here if you’d like to see a tutorial of how to set up, frame, and use The Forever Calendar.

2022 Printable Planning Calendars

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