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My 5 Favorite Hydrating Beverages to Increase Energy + Focus: You don't have to chug water! Try my 5 favorite recipes for delicious, hydrating beverages.

Learning how to properly hydrate is definitely one of the most impactful changes I have ever made. Learning that true hydration isn’t just about guzzling ounces of water, but about infusing your body with water along with valuable trace minerals and electrolytes was a total game-changer for how I felt, looked, and performed. My 5 favorite hydrating beverage recipes have been my secret weapon for staying hydrated!

Turns out, that proper hydration isn’t just about how many ounces of water you can chug in a day, it’s about how much water your body absorbs. When water is properly absorbed by the body is moistens all of your tissues, allowing your brain to send its electric signals faster and communicate more efficiently, all of which helps increase your energy so you can focus longer and get more done!

And no, you don’t need some fancy water or an expensive machine to achieve optimum hydration — nature packages it for us in plenty of ways! Below are five of my favorite hydrating beverage recipes that are also nourishing and will support optimum hydration. Try integrating them into your daily routine to help sustain your energy throughout the day. Enjoy!

1. Morning Water

It’s important to give your body a dose of hydration when you first wake up, in order to help start the process of cleaning out the cellular waste it cleaned out and collected while you slept. A plain ol’ glass of water will do the trick, but if you want to prime your system for a day of deep hydration and optimize that waste removal process you can take it one step further by making Morning Water. In this recipe, I combine water with fresh lemon juice (flavor and minerals), a pinch of sea salt (electrolytes and more trace minerals), and chia seeds (fiber) to help kickstart my morning routine. Get my Morning Water Recipe.

This is adapted from a recipe featured in the book Quench.

2. Hydrating Green Juice

This is my own variation of a green juice recipe that is recommended throughout the book, Quench (one of my favorites!). I have been amazed at the increase in energy I feel simply by adding a green juice to my routine, and try to drink it 2-3 times per week. If you only have time or budget to add one hydrating beverage to your routine — let it be this one! Not only do you get a great dose of hydration, but you’ll get tons of nutrients that will help support your overall health. Get my Hydrating Green Juice Recipe.

3. Hydration Potion

True hydration isn’t about how much water you can drink, it’s about how much water your body absorbs, and we can help our body absorb hydration deeper when we combine water with electrolytes and fiber. This recipe is almost a “homemade Gatorade” but with healthier ingredients, no food coloring, and the benefit of chia seeds, which help your body hold on to the hydration longer (think of them as slow-release gel pills), natural minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

This drink is a great way to ween yourself off of that afternoon soda or sugar-filled latte. Try it unsweetened at first, but add a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup if you need a little something extra. Get my Hydration Potion Recipe.

This is adapted from a recipe featured in the book Quench.

4. Margarita Water

This blended drink is super simple to make but really refreshing. It has all the same benefits as lemon water or morning water, but with a bit of a margarita twist! Get my Margarita Water Recipe.

5. Agua Fresca

Plants are an excellent source of water — and not just water, but also those helpful trace minerals and electrolytes I’ve been talking so much about. As I said, nature has packaged them together for us within plants, so drinks made with fruits and vegetables can be great for hydration. Agua fresca is a blended drink that is popular in Mexico, and I have recipes for a couple of variations. You can go here for my Cucumber + Lime Agua Fresca or here for my Strawberry Agua Fresca (which you can make with or without collagen).

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Ready to start hydrating?! I created a free printable that helps you plan meals and track hydration as well as plant consumption. Visit my free downloads to download the Meal + Hydration Planner. Happy hydrating!

My 5 Favorite Hydrating Beverages

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