The Daily Page is an innovative design that aligns work and wellness in one place, naturally increasing your energy, focus, and productivity. The goal is to help you optimize each day, so you have more time and energy to influence positive change in the world. Curious about getting started? Below you’ll find some of our favorite tips for getting started with The Daily Page, and if you’d like to download the guide and a sample page as a PDF you can find that here.

Top Three

This section can be used in several ways. Two of my favorites are:

3 Top Priorities
List the three most important tasks. This doesn’t mean you have to do them first, but will help you prioritize them throughout the day.

3 Easy Wins 
Identify three tasks that you can complete first, and that are relatively simple and take less than 10 minute each. Checking them off gives your brain momentum as you move into more complex tasks.

Using Checkbubbles

While a checkmark is nice, you can use it in other ways. Try:

  • Adding an arrow for tasks that need to be moved to the next day’s list.
  • Fill it in to denote your progress on the task that day.
  • Initials for tasks you delegate out to someone else.
  • An X for items that are no longer a priority and can be removed.

Heart Icon

The last item on the to-do list has a heart instead of a checkbubble. Try using it to:

  1. Prioritize your relationships. Call a friend, plan a date night for your partner, or check in with your family.
  2. Do something kind. Help a stranger, donate to a good cause, or volunteer in your community.
  3. Identify a “get-to-do” item. Something you enjoy and can look forward to doing.


Routines and rituals that help us feel our best are important for our mental and physical health. Use this space to plan your self-care, log workouts, track minutes read, steps walked, meditation, or simply leaving the house to get some sunshine. This section is for whatever wellness looks like for you.

Mood and Energy

The Daily Page is designed to help you prioritize vital aspects of health ― all of which impact your mood and energy. Attention to patterns and changes can help you connect which aspects of your day contribute to or detract from your wellbeing.

Sleep and Stress

There is space for recording sleep quality and stress levels. Tip: Take a few minutes at the end of your day to start filling out The Daily Page for tomorrow. This helps reduce anxiety so you enjoy your evening, sleep better, and wake up feeling motivated.

Reminder Boxes

These boxes, located in the Hydration section, are a great place to track medications or supplements. You can also use it to track new habits you are trying to form, or as a place to remember daily tasks like walking the dog or cleaning.

Hydration Tracking

The best way to hydrate is to sip water consistently. Having a designated water cup and keeping it with you ensures water is accessible throughout the day.

The hydration section has icons representing lemon water with sea salt (wonderful in the morning!) and an icon for a smoothie, juice, or protein shake. You can always check those off as normal glasses of water if those are not part of your routine.

You can use the H20 box to identify your hydration goal for the day (half your body weight in ounces is a good guideline for most) or to record the final amount you consumed that day. The most important thing is listening to your body and paying attention to its unique needs.


Eating foods that make you feel good and fuel you for the day can drastically impact your productivity and happiness. The meal planning section can help you plan ahead for meals you love. Over time, this section can also help you identify foods that might be disrupting your sleep or causing discomfort, brain fog, or fatigue

Getting Started

Ready to purchase The Daily Page? Check out the various options available in the shop. If you’ like all of these tips in a PDF guidebook, you can download it here.

The most important thing to remember is that planners only work if you use them. Check out this post for tips on making The Daily Page part of your daily routine. And for helping choosing which version is right for you, try our selection guide.

Find additional tutorials, free downloads, podcast episodes, a weekly newsletter, and more at: DAILYPAGEPLANNER.COM

How to Use The Daily Page

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