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Travel Guide: An Insider's Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark by Dani Bruflodt

If you are planning a trip to visit Copenhagen, Denmark, An Insider’s Guide to Copenhagen will help you plan a memorable trip filled with authentic experiences.

We moved to Copenhagen in the Spring of 2018, and after three years of living in the heart of the city, I finally felt ready to spill all my secret spots and best tips from a “local” perspective.

When we travel to new cities I love to feel like we’re experiencing it the way a local would. I want to see where the locals hang out on a sunny day, where they go for their favorite made-from-scratch meals, and the cozy bar they belly-up in on a rainy Friday night.

My 23-page travel guide is packed with practical advice, suggested itineraries, and a simple Danish language guide that will help you get around. The interactive design is easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find inside:

Welcome to Copenhagen
Copenhagen Quick Facts
Five Must-Have Things to Pack
Five Must-Do Things in Copenhagen
Five Mistakes to Definitely Avoid
Five Things to Definitely Not Avoid
Five Best Places to Picnic
Five Places to Grab a Great Coffee
Five Best Photo Spots
Our Favorite Eats + Drinks
Our Cozy Bar Lineup
Danish Language Cheat Sheets
Additional Suggestions
Interactive Google Map

The eBook will also provide you with access to my interactive Google Map, which I am constantly updating with new discoveries! You can easily use it to choose lodging, neighborhoods, dining, activities, and more! Pull it up on the go to find great spots nearby and assure you are never left standing on the sidewalk fighting about where to eat or what to do next.

Click here to learn more about An Insider’s Guide to Copenhagen:

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Travel Guide: An Insider’s Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark

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