Shipping is always a bit of a gamble around the holidays, but this year has been exceptionally challenging. The USPS is struggling with an extreme increase in volume due to more online shopping, while also navigating distribution and delivery during the height of a global pandemic.

We owe USPS employees a lot this year, for getting us the things we needed to survive, things that just made us more comfortable, and plenty of things that just helped us pass the time. And right now we owe them our grace and patience.

The good news is that packages are not being lost. They are being reliably and safely delivered….just late. And I know this is a bummer both for me as a shop owner and for you as my customer. And although it’s not quite the same, I hope that printing out this photo of the product and gifting it to your loved one will at least help ease some of the frustration or disappointment if your order doesn’t arrive in time for the holidays.

And if you forgot anyone on your list, here’s your free pass to place your order for The Daily Page Planner or The Forever Calendar now, mark it as a gift when you place the order, and then print or email one of these. They’ll never know you nearly forgot 😉

Click below to instantly download or print a PDF of the card for your appropriate product. You can also attach these PDFs to an email and send them virtually.

Download a card for The Daily Page Planner

Download a card for The Forever Calendar

Here’s hoping that 2021 is a bit less stressful for all of us.


Free Printable Card for Gifting

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