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The Best Planner for 2021 and Beyond: how this dateless planner will change the way you look at paper planning.

There’s a meme on the internet that goes something like “My worst purchase was a 2020 Planner” and I gotta admit I laughed. out. loud. when I saw it. The past year has been a total dumpster fire for most of us and I’m sure plenty of people have a barely-used 2020 planner collecting dust on their office shelf.

That is, unless you purchased The Daily Page Planner. *flips hair behind shoulder*

So many of our dreams were totally dashed in 2020…and 2021 is likely to be a bit weird, too.
That’s why I’m thankful that I created a weird, untraditional planner. One that raised eyebrows when I first launched it back in 2018, but one that has proven to be exactly what so many of us are looking for right now.
The Daily Page Planner prioritizes not just work, but also your wellness. It organizes not just your work life, but also your home life.  And the dateless design ensures you never waste a page or feel guilty for taking a day off.

I was inspired to create a dateless planner after years of working in publishing and seeing first hand the waste created by the planner and calendar industry. I wanted to create a planner that would never expire, but the past year has taught me that I also created a planner that could be flexible, forgiving, and used sporadically if needed.

The Best Planner for 2021: The Daily Page Planner by Thyme is Honey

My genuine hope is that this isn’t just the perfect planner for “COVID life”, I hope this is the perfect planner for the future. A world in which we aren’t asked to sacrifice our health for our work. One in which we have a better balance between work life and home life. And one in which rest days are just as important as the days when you roll out of bed and tackle your to-do list before lunch.
The newest version has an updated cover design, an elastic enclosure strap, and all pages of the planner are made using FSC Certified paper which ensures the trees used are harvested sustainably and replenished. Each order plants a new tree and is packaged with recycled material that we collect locally to further reduce their carbon footprint. Truly a planner created with the future in mind.
You can take 10% off your order in my Etsy Shop with the code HONEY at checkout. I’m so thankful for your continued support and encouragement!

Got an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil? Be sure to check out the Digital Daily Page Planner for the Goodnotes App. Got any questions about my products or services? Reach out to me via the Contact Page.

The Best Planner for 2021

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