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People ask me about food all the time…and often ask me to create meal plans or do an online class about nutrition. I love and appreciate that people are curious about food and how to nourish themselves, but I had no idea where to begin because I am not an expert in food or nutrition.

I wanted to find a way to bring this experience to more people in an affordable way. So in October, I worked with the team at Prescribe Nutrition to lead people through their Prescribe 20 clean eating program. It was so fun (and I learned so much!) that we’re doing it again starting January 11th!

I ate pretty healthy previous to doing Prescribe 20, but over the course of the 3 week program I realized that I was eating too much gluten and sugar, and felt much better and energized without it. During the course you have access to 400+ whole, healthy recipes, and I tried out so many of them during the course! I came out of it with 20 or so recipes that I really loved, enjoyed, look forward to eating, and can make pretty quickly and easily. It has been a game-changer for being consistent with healthy eating and I feel much more balanced.

Prescribe Nutrition is a Minnesota-based, woman-owned business and I’ve worked with them for years! I actually helped with their social media many years ago and have loved watching their growth and transformation over the years. We’ve gotten to cheer each other on through many changes. Their Instagram Account is a place I frequently go for meal inspiration and recipe ideas (like these sweet potato fries I blogged about recently!).

During Prescrib 20 I host my own private Facebook Group for anyone who signs up through me. I post every day with the recipes I’m trying, share hydration tips, help keep you accountable and motivated, and create a comprehensive eBook to share with you at the end of it. Wanna join us for the January edition of Prescribe 20? We’d love to have you.

The course starts on January 11th, and the cost is $169. Enter the code HONEY at checkout for $25 off and to ensure you get my perks + Freebies. Choose the Prescribe 20 LIVE option. You’ll get an email from Prescribe Nutrition right away with some basics, and I’ll reach out close to the start date to invite you to the private Facebook Group.

You can learn more and join by clicking below, or keep scrolling to read through some of the frequently asked questions I’ve gotten so far!

What is included when we purchase the course?

Glad ya asked! Let me lay it out like this:


20 days of tips + guidance
Access to their community/team to ask questions
Access to 400+ healthy recipes
Meal planning tool w/ printable grocery lists
Access to a nutritionist for questions
Weekly email inspiration + support


Invite to private FB group or emails
20 days of guidance and coaching from Dani
Hydration info + coaching
The Daily Page – dated PDF file
25% off code for my Etsy Shop
eBook at the end of the course

I’ll also be having a lot of fun doing the course myself and learning alongside you. I’ll probably create resources to help keep myself motivated + organized. And of course, I’ll share those with you, too 🙂

What will we learn?

Here’s the course breakdown from their website:
Week One:
You’ll be stoked to learn you never need to count calories again! You read that right – no more calorie counting! Instead, you’ll learn how to choose foods that are minimally processed and full of nutrients to keep your body happy and healthy. We’ll also teach you how to combine foods that are good sources of carbohydrates, protein, and fat so you’ll feel satisfied and energized every single day. We are so not about starvation or restriction!
Week Two: Now that you have the healthy eating basics down – you know how to choose real, whole foods, how to read food labels, and how to combine carbohydrates, fats and protein for lasting energy – let’s talk about what to do if you’re feeling hungry while on P20. As you know, P20 is not a diet and we never want you feeling hungry or deprived. So we’ll chat about what to do if you’re feeling hungry and go over some healthy snack options if you want or need ‘em!
Week Three: Now that you’ve gotten clear about which foods and beverages will help you feel your best, you’re ready to dive into the rest of what makes up a healthy lifestyle — adequate sleep, stress management, daily movement, meaningful relationships, and more. Because ultimately, when we’re not sleeping, we’re stressed out, and we’re relying on food to give us joy and pleasure even our best efforts to eat healthily can be futile.
Beyond: We’ve got some helpful tips and specific next steps for you to take so you can continue to reap the benefits of your new healthy lifestyle and maintain the momentum you’ve gained over these last few weeks.

I also want to note that Prescribe Nutrition offers monthly memberships as well as various coaching packages. So, while you can continue on your own if you feel ready, you can also opt for their ongoing services if you have additional wellness goals you want to meet. I truly believe that the 20-day course will leave you well-equipped for a lifetime of wellness, but also encourage you to consider their services if you think you’d benefit. We can talk more about this in my private group if you have questions.

Is this okay for vegetarians/vegans?

Yes! Of the 400 recipes nearly half of them are already vegetarian/vegan, and most of them are easily adaptable.

Is this okay if I am Gluten-Free?

Yes! All but *two* recipes of the 400 are entirely gluten-free!

What are the team’s credentials?

The Prescribe Nutrition team consists of a functional nutrition coach, 3 nutritionists, and a recipe expert!

Is this okay if I am breastfeeding?

Yes! Nutrition is so important for breastfeeding people. Christina just had her 2nd baby and can speak directly to new parents about their nutrition. Their team will be happy to work with you to customize the program if needed.

Is this a diet?

No! This is a course. Look at it as going back to school for 20 days to learn information and skills that will help guide you for a lifetime. Don’t go into it with the mindset that it is a 20-day challenge or “diet”.

Can I drink alcohol while doing it?

This is up to you! Some people abstain, and some people chose to drink. It’s all about finding balance and you’ll learn about healthier options for adult beverages, as well. This course is all about learning how to find balance with real-life and nutrition, and if alcohol is part of your real life, this is a great time to learn how to strike that perfect balance.

What is the time commitment? 

This is really up to you and how much you want to get out of the course. Some people are in it to *learn as much as they can*, and some just want the recipes and accountability. You’ll get weekly material each Sunday. There’s a video and some worksheets to help you learn new skills/info. You’ll need to meal plan, grocery shop, and prep meals. You’ll be able to interact in the group/community and chat with nutritionists as much or little as you want. On average students probably spent about 1 hour per week learning/planning, and around 30 minutes per day prepping/cooking. If you already meal plan, grocery shop, and cook, you probably won’t notice that this sucks up much additional time, depending on how much time you want to spend learning or interacting.

Do I need any fancy equipment to make meals?

I hope not, because I own two pans and one knife (really, I do). Typically the healthier food is, the simpler it is to make, and with 400+ recipes to choose from you can select the things you feel comfortable preparing.

Is the course aligned with HAES (Health At Every Size)?

The PC team is informed on this methodology and as far as I can tell the material aligns, but HAES will not be discussed directly.

Will they talk about weight loss?

Weight loss is not mentioned in the course material but might be discussed by students on the community board. We will not discuss it in my private group, and I’ll moderate to ensure the conversation is focused on feeling our best, not reducing our size.

Can we access the recipes forever?

You have full access to all the recipes during the 20 days, and then for one week after! You’re welcome to download any recipes you loved, and you’ll get an email to remind you to grab that info. They also have a monthly subscription and independent nutrition coaching if you decide to continue on after the 20-day course!

20-Day Nutrition Course with Prescribe Nutrition

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