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The Easiest Way to Develop a New Habit: the one life hack you need to develop new habits as an adult | Thyme is Honey

From the time we are born, our brains are busy building neural pathways for the habits and routines we do frequently. As we reach adulthood, our brains undergo “synaptic pruning” which removes extra synapses it has deemed irrelevant and leaves the ones we regularly rely on. This can make developing new habits as an adult a bit of a challenge.

Thankfully, you can “hack” this with a method known as Habit Stacking. Habit¬†Stacking suggests that you connect the new habit you want to develop, to a habit that has stuck around and is well-formed. By connecting the new habit to the old one, you place it along the same neural pathway, making it easier for your brain to remember and initiate.

Some examples:

After I make the bed in the morning, then I will do 5 minutes of stretches on the bedroom floor.

After I get the coffee brewing, I will journal for 5 minutes by the kitchen table.

When I walk my dog past the library, I will go up and down the steps 5 times.

After my alarm goes off in the morning, I will drink the 12 oz glass of water I keep next to the bed.

Make sure to include the details. Being specific about when, where, and how long/much you’ll do the new habit will help it become more routine.

Start small with your new habits. Habits need to be developed before they can be improved, so start small and then increase it. For example, it’s best to start with a 3-minute meditation practice until the new habit becomes part of your routine, then increase it to 10 or 20 minute sessions.

Add more “habits” to create a “stack” or “staircase”. You can always add more habits onto the same “stack”. Sometimes this is known as a Habit Staircase: “After I make the bed in the morning I will stretch for 5 minutes on the bedroom floor and then do 5 minutes of meditation.”

Try a planner with Habit Tracking features. The Daily Page Planner is designed to help align healthy habits alongside your productivity and has a “reminder” section meant to help with Habit Stacking. You can click here to learn more about how to use the Habit Boxes on The Daily Page Planner. You can take 10% off any planer purchase with the code HONEY at checkout.

Trying to develop better hydration habits? My course, The Hydration Checklist, uses the Habit Stacking method to help get you properly hydrated. Learn more about it at

Learn more about Habit Stacking: I have used Habit Stacking for years and credit it with the daily routines that keep me happy, healthy, and hydrated. You can learn more in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I also have a podcast episode where I discuss Habit Stacking and my experience with it in more detail. You can listen to it here or whever you listen to podcasts.

The Easiest Way to Develop a New Habit

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