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Nominate me for an Etsy Design Award: why I hope my shop earns your nomination! | Thyme is Honey

I’ve been on Etsy since 2008 (2011 with my current shop) and each time the Etsy Designs Awards have come around I’ve always regretted not going after the nomination. But this year I’m simply reminding myself that no one can nominate me for it if they don’t know this program exists (which, I assume, most of you don’t). So this is my opportunity to tell you about it and kindly ask for your nomination (plus, when you nominate me you’ll be entered for the chance to win one of ten $1,000 Etsy Gift cards!!!). I encourage you to nominate any and all shops that have positively impacted your life —- especially any that are small, woman or minority-owned, and working to give back to their communities. We appreciate your support more than you’ll probably ever know!

Details for how to nominate me are laid out step-by-step below if you wanna hop to it! Hopefully, if you use my products, you have a personal story about how my work has impacted your life, health, or happiness, and speaking to your own experience would be the best way to nominate me. However, I know that perhaps you also don’t see some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, the ways in which my business gives back, or some of the thought and effort I’ve put into my products. So, here’s my chance to tell you why I feel worthy of your nomination.

Each year, Etsy recognizes a selection of shops across a range of categories. While in the past I might have hemmed and hawed over whether or not I saw myself fitting into any of these, this year I see myself fitting into several: innovation, popularity, commitment to sustainability. While planners have perhaps never seemed particularly innovative, I know that mine is different and this year proved that innovation in the planner industry is possible and necessary. First, my planner is one of few that aligns your work and wellness in one place. A lot of planners force us to put our productivity ahead of our wellness. The entire focus of The Daily Page Planner is to allow work and wellness to not only exist side-by-side but to support each other. We are our most productive when we are well, and living in alignment with what makes us feel and perform at our best.

The dateless design of my planner was a huge risk when I created and launched it. But as someone who worked in the publishing world, I saw first-hand the waste that was created each year by planners, calendars, and almanacs. Their value instantly started decreasing on January 1, and by mid-March, we were slashing prices and then hauling them to the recycling center. A dateless design not only eliminated this waste but allows for days when you aren’t feeling forced into productivity or filling out your planner. While I think this idea is valuable all the time, the genius of it was showcased when the pandemic struck. While folks who invested in a dated 2020 planner were left feeling like their planner was now a paperweight, my customers rested easy knowing they could take a break and return to their daily practice when they felt ready. Not a single page wasted.

I am innovating in this way not only with planners but also with calendars. An incredible amount of paper is used each year to produce calendars when we could easily create evergreen designs that are reusable with minimal effort from the user. My design, The Forever Calendar, is a great example of sustainable calendar design.

If you can’t tell, I love paper goods, and although I also introduced an Interactive Digital Planner to my shop last year, I’m also a firm believer in the power of writing things down and the very real connection a lot of us feel when we put pen to paper. Paper is a renewable resource, as long as we replace the trees we use. Both The Daily Page Planner and The Forever Calendar plant a tree with each purchase, through my partnership with One Tree Planted.

Along with innovation and sustainability, I’d also like my shop to be recognized by my efforts to give back and support the communities around me. When I pivoted my business last summer to move away from client work with more focus on my own products and business, my biggest motivator was the ability to create a business that supported my own values. Over the past year, I’ve been able to partner with two organizations that are important to me, One Tree Planted and Save the Boundary Waters. I’ve been able to structure my online courses in a way that supports marginalized communities by making courses free for Black people and providing course scholarships to anyone facing financial hardship, as well as a monthly giving program called My Monthly Pledge.

I created My Personal Pledge in 2018, it is a monthly donation I make directly from my personal income to organizations, people, or families in need. Over the past year, I’ve been able to greatly increase this monthly amount and will continue to grow it along with my business. You can learn more about all these efforts on my Giving Back page.

Have I talked you into hitting that “nominate” button? I sure hope so, because you could end up winning a $1,000 Etsy Gift Card! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Simply click here to access this year’s nomination form.
  2. When asked, enter my shop name Thyme is Honey, and shop URL, which is: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThymeIsHoney
  3. Write a short blurb about why you think my shop deserves this recognition.
  4. That’s it! Then just sit back and wait to see if you won that $1,000 gift card (I secretly hope you do)!


Nominate Me For An Etsy Design Award

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