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This is just a quick note to check in and see how you’re doing after a couple weeks of hydrating on your own. I hope that the skills you learned and habits you developed during The Hydration Checklist are helping you make hydration part of your daily routine.

If you feel like you’re starting to slip I’d invite you to dive into some of the resources I’ve created to help you stay on track. See below for suggestions:You’ve forgotten some of the basics and need a quick dose of motivation: try listening to this podcast episode where I recap all the important info about hydration.

You want quick access to the blog posts and recipes I shared in the course: bookmark this page on my website, where I’ve organized all of my hydration-related posts.

You get to 2PM and realize you’ve forgotten all about water: try following my side-project @HeyYouDrinkWater on Instagram for daily reminders.

You are struggling to change your old routines and habits: try my favorite life-hack, Habit Stacking, which I explain in this blog post/podcast episode.

You need more community and support: join my private Facebook group where you are welcome to ask questions or share your own tips with others.

You’re struggling with meal ideas and would love some recipe inspiration: try following my Recipes board on Pinterest.

You want to organize hydration information in a visual way: try following my Hydration board on Pinterest.

Got ideas for other ways I can help keep you accountable or resources I could create for you? Just hit reply and let me know! By the way, if you are ever struggling and think you’d benefit from repeating the course, just drop me an email and I’d be happy to add you again, free of charge.

One final reminder that if anyone you know is interested in taking The Hydration Checklist they can find all the information at HydrationChecklist.com.

Hydration 💦 Support + Resources

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