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Got some questions swirling around that head of yours? Good. That means that you’re absorbing the information and thinking critically about it.

Today I’ll dive into some frequently asked questions from my students. Have a question that hasn’t been addressed and that you don’t see listed below? Feel free to hit reply on any of the messages I’ve sent you and let me know what it is! I’ll do my best to add it here or create a new resource on the topic.

Alright, let’s dive in to some of the questions and their answers:

Question: How frequently should I go pee? What if I feel like I’m peeing too frequently?


Question: Can you drink while hydrating? Are there better, healthier, or more hyrating ways to imbibe in alcohol while also wanting to live a hydrated life?



Hydration 💦 Day 012! Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

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