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How Hydration Changed My Life: the physical and mental transformation I experienced through proper hydration | Thyme is Honey

Ten years ago I was at rock bottom with my mental and physical health. I was overwhelmed, overweight, and exhausted. I was emerging from trauma while also starting my first full-time job and taking on too much at once. Along with my first 40-hour-a-week desk job, I was moonlighting for a local magazine, starting my Etsy shop, managing my own blog, and trying to plan my June 2011 wedding.

My energy was at an all-time low. I couldn’t focus. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel motivated or inspired about….well, basically anything. It finally occurred to me that how I was caring for myself was at the root of everything I was feeling. 

I sought the help of a nutritionist who helped me understand that my diet consisted primarily of processed food, and helped me switch to a diet that included more whole fruits and vegetables, and encouraged me to start drinking 80 ounces of water each day. I stuck to the program for two days before I threw in the towel.

“Wellness” became just another thing to put on top of the pile that was already weighing me down, and I couldn’t find the balance between all the work I needed to do and taking care of myself. That was when I created The Daily Page, and it changed everything for me.

I put my head down and kept putting one foot in front of the other to follow the plan the nutritionist had created for me. 5 months later and I had lost 30 pounds and could see a remarkable difference in my energy and mood. A little while longer and I looked up and saw the real change that had occurred. Sure, I had dropped 30 pounds and probably looked healthier than I ever had in my life…but that wasn’t the part that left me speechless. It was the fact that I had gone from someone with no energy and no motivation, who was constantly battling headaches and chronic fatigue….to someone who was running her own 6-figure business, could think clearly and tackle complex topics, and at the end of the day still had the energy to start learning about things that made me a better person — social justice, income inequality, global warming, etc.

I know that when you look at these before and after photos you’ll notice the physical transformation. But I wish so desperately that you could see the transformation that took place in my brain, life, and relationships over the past decade, too. Maybe if you’ve been along for the ride you’ve been able to witness it firsthand or through my content.

It was like parts of my brain emerged from a deep hibernation and as grateful as I am to have a body that is healthy and strong, I am even more thankful for a brain that is not only able to think faster and with more clarity, but is also capable of helping me become a better person and more active participant in the world around me.

Water exists in every cell in our bodies. From our brain to our eyes, to our muscles and skin…and yet so few of us think about the water we are consuming and the impact it has on our life. Hydration is the most effective way that we can impact how we look, feel, and perform and yet….so many of us absolutely suck at it.

I used to think that “being hydrated” was simply a matter of drinking enough water, but over the years I’ve learned that having a body that is truly hydratedthrough all the tissue in my legs, to the cells that make up my brain, the fluid that surrounds my spine and joints, the tissue and nerves that help transmit my brain’s messages to the rest of my body, and the hormones that regulate my mood and ability to process informationis a combination of water, food, and movement.

Creating a daily practice of wellness didn’t happen magically, it was The Daily Page that helped me align all the work I needed to do with the wellness practices that would help me be the best version of myself. It has truly been my secret weapon for the past decade.

For more about achieving optimum hydration check out my online course The Hydration Checklist, where I teach you not only how to hydrate properly, but also how The Daily Page helps support a hydrated lifestyle (it is included free in the course).

How Hydration Changed My Life

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