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When you start hydrating you might notice that you also start needing more bathroom breaks. Funny how that works!

Frequent urination can be common when you first start hydrating when your body is still adjusting, but you can expect this to improve over time, as your body starts to produce more ADH (anti-diuretic hormone). ADH is the hormone that our body produces to help us know when to go to the bathroom and also to hold it overnight. Children and the elderly produce less of it, which is what can lead to bed-wetting and incontinence. So, first of all just know that although frequent urination is normal when you start to drink more fluid, your body has a way of naturally balancing this out over time. Just be patient.

If you’ve ever come close to killing a house plant you’ll understand this. If the soil and roots get all dried out, and then you dump a bunch of water on it, it tends to just run out the other side. It takes a gentle, consistent process to rehydrate the soil and roots and rehabilitate it back into a healthy state that absorbs and utilizes the water. At first you’ll be a dried out plant that the water tends to pass through rather quickly, but as you hydrate consistently your body will learn to absorb that hydration deeper and hold on to it longer. Our bodies are smart!

It’s also important to know that a healthy, hydrated human should urinate at least every 2-3 hours, and you should have a strong, steady stream for 15-25 seconds.  This is actually one of the best ways to tell if you are properly hydrated (more accurate than looking at the color of your urine or doing a skin turgor test). Hydration can also mean better elimination of solid waste, too, so don’t be surprised if you also notice changes in frequency or volume when it comes to bowel movements.

Being hydrated means more bathroom breaks! But, try to look at the bright side, each trip to the bathroom is also a way to ensure you are getting up and moving regularly, which is an important part of hydration and fascial health! It’s sorta your body’s own way of reminding you to get up and move. Another upside? All these bathroom breaks mean you are moving more waste out of your body — great news for your health, vitality, and weight management.

If the frequent bathroom breaks interfere with your work, focus on front-loading your hydration in the morning or evening, especially with Hydrating Green Juice or Hydration Potion made with chia seeds, which will help you hang on to that hydration longer.

If you continue to struggle with frequent urination even after you feel like it should have improved, it could be a kidney issue or anxiety. Anxiety causes muscle tension that can put pressure on the bladder, making us feel like we constantly need to urinate.

How Often Should You Pee When Hydrating?

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