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I frequently get asked for my favorite water cups + bottles, and to be honest it’s something I can talk about for hours. So let’s dive in 😉

I’m a huge believer in the power of the straw. It’s great for folks who are starting out with hydration, as it can make it a lot easier to drink consistently. However, I’m also pretty interested in skincare and doing what I can to keep my skin in good shape. This is where straw size comes in.

If you are consistently drinking water you are probably taking hundreds of sips per day. That repetitive action over the course of a lifetime can lead to fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Listen, personally I don’t think this is worth freaking out about too much. Aging is inevitable and ultimately I’d rather be 75 and hydrated with some lip wrinkles than 75 with a lifetime of dehydration behind me and all the ailments that come with it. Even water bottles and cups don’t eliminate this motion entirely, so while I don’t think this is worth stressing about too much, we can help reduce the “wrinkle risk” if you will.

The average drinking straw usually measures .20 inches. For most people, a straw this size will require you to purse your lips quite a bit in order to create suction. Depending on the size of your mouth and lips you may need a larger straw! A smoothie straw will typically have a diameter of .25 inches, while a Bubble Tea straw will have one as wide as .5.

Another tip I learned from an aesthetician is to curl your top lip under slightly when you sip from a straw or put the straw in the corner of your mouth rather than the center of your lips, which will help prevent the formation of wrinkles. Of course, if you don’t feel like a straw benefits you that much, you might prefer a bottle that you sip directly from.

Here are a few of my favorite water cups + bottles:

  1. My favorite vessel is this 24 oz Bubba Water Tumbler. It comes with an oversized straw that is .38 of an inch, falling right between a Smoothie Straw and Bubble Tea straw. I find it to be perfect for helping me stay consistent with my hydration while not causing me to purse my lips too much. BUY IT HERE ($18.99)
  2. For on the go I love these borosilicate glass water bottles from Yomious. They have a bamboo lid and a silicone sleeve that offers some protection. Similarly, I also love these beautiful ones from Retapp if you want something with more of a bottle design. Their silicone lids don’t screw on, but do offer a secure enough seal that I toss them in my bag.
  3. If you want something a little fancier this 50oz Tumbler from Reduce gives you the option of drinking normally or using the pop-up oversized straw. It also closes up completely for travel and keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 36 hours. This is great if you need to go long stretches without a refill. BUY IT HERE ($39.99)
  4. This Grosche Fruit and Tea Infuser Bottle is great if you prefer to infuse your water with fruit or herbs. It’s made by a Danish company but you can get it on Amazon. It has an infusion basket that words for fruit, herbs, or tea and comes with a silicone sleeve. BUY IT HERE ($29.99)

If you’re interested in really great reusable straws check out this kit from Boba Fide ($9.45). You get a set of 4 oversized straws (.5 diameter) in two lengths, a cleaning brush, travel pouch, and silicone tips that help protect your teeth. And this set from Hiware is similar but has .35 diameter if you want something slightly smaller while still reducing too much lip pursing (this is the size I personally prefer).

There ya have it! Some of my favs. Enjoy!

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My Favorite Water Cups + Bottles

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