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My Review of Jenna Kutcher's Implementation Lab for The Knowledge Broker Blueprint: was the $2,000 investment worth it? I'll tell you why I signed up, what I liked and didn't like, and what my biggest takeaways were.

For the past few weeks I’ve had my head down while working my way through a 6-week business course led by Jenna Kutcher. Although the course was created by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins, Jenna serves as a business mentor who helps lead you through the material and get you started with implementing what you’ve learned.

I was sharing snippets of our group conversations, live chats, and some of what I was learning along the way, and I know that some of you are curious if this might be a good fit for you, too. So, I thought I’d wrap up the experience by sharing a full review of my thoughts.

What It Is

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (also known as KBB for short) is an online business course created by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. The course aims to help you uncover what your superpower is, and walk you through the steps of turning that into a profitable business. While you can take that knowledge and turn it into whatever you want, the course material focuses on how to bottle up your knowledge and join the online education industry by teaching your skills to others. This content from Dean and Tony is all housed at Mastermind.com and you have to set up an account and log in there to watch the videos and access the worksheets as you progress through the course material. There is also a private Facebook Group managed by Dean, Tony, and their teams for everyone taking the course.

Jenna’s role in this is to lead a group of her own students through their program, with her own expertise kind of layered over the top of it. This was great for me since Jenna and I have businesses that operate in a similar way and I was able to observe how she was applying the knowledge from KBB to a business that is structured similarly to mine.

When you sign up through Jenna you get access to a second private Facebook Group that is exclusively for students learning through her. I found her group to be much more focused on the creative entrepreneur community compared to the general Facebook Group for KBB. It’s also significantly smaller (950 members versus 32,000+) so this was a more intimate place to interact and ask questions.

When you purchase KBB through Jenna’s sign-up link you will receive an email with the link to her private group. To join you have to answer some questions and wait for them to verify your purchase. Once approved you can utilize it as a place to stay accountable, post questions, offer support to others, and, most importantly, tune in once a week for a live session led by Jenna where she will discuss the material from the current module and answer questions.

Cost + Time

The cost of the course is $2,000 ($1997 .00 to be exact) and it takes about an hour per day to complete. When you sign up Jenan provides you with a suggested 6-week schedule, but you have access to the content for life and can consume it at your own pace if you prefer.

This course is “seasonal” but I’m not sure what exactly that means. They seem to open it up every 9 months. I’m not sure how that’ll change in the future.

Why I Went For It

As the last day to sign up arrived I found myself listening to the podcast episode Jenna created with students from her first round of KBB (Episode #341).As I walked through Copenhagen early that morning listening to their stories and experience I just found myself feeling this absolute pull to sign up. No other way I can describe it, “This is for you” was just in my head and I thought about it all darn day.

That night, as the final hours were ticking down, I took the time to chat with a few more women who had taken the course previously. It was so encouraging to hear how much value they felt they had gotten just from Jenna. I also realized that you can watch the course modules as videos, but you can also listen to them as audio or download a transcription. That was appealing because I love listening to podcasts while walking, and also knew that if I didn’t mesh with any of the teaching styles I could rely on a typed transcript instead. I’ve never been crazy about Tony Robbins’ teaching style, which was a hesitation for me, so knowing that transcripts were an option was helpful.

I’ve been running my business for ten years, and although I’ve had to teach myself a lot of new skills I haven’t been great at investing in courses or coaching (YouTube University, anyone?). Looking back, it’s definitely something I wish I had prioritized, but even having that hindsight it was still hard for me to pull the trigger on the $2,000 program. Finally, I sat down and created a list of reasons why I wanted to invest in the course:

  • Gain clarity about what sets me apart from other entrepreneurs
  • Set longterm goals for where I want my business to go
  • Observe Jenna’s teaching style
  • Network with people on a similar path

I knew that the needle wouldn’t need to move far in my business for me to make back the $2,000. Just one great connection formed from the group or one profitable marketing idea would more than cover the cost. Armed with that and the comfort of their 100% satisfaction guarantee, I hit “Purchase!”

KBB Course Material + Structure

These are the 6 modules that are within the Knowledge Broker Blueprint material that you access at Mastermind.com. Within each module are various lessons centered around the module’s topic. Here’s a breakdown:

Module 1:Find Your Genius & Name Your Why
Lesson 1: 5 Keys to Constantly Progress and Avoid Failure
Lesson 2: Scaling Your Success
Lesson 3: Must-Have Millionaire Success Habits
Lesson 4: How to Design a Talk That Will Influence
Module 2: Writing The Plan & Telling The Story
Lesson 1: Your Expertise & Ideal Client
Lesson 2: Story-Teach-Tool Framework
Lesson 3: Your Toolbox Part 1
Lesson 4: Your Toolbox Part 2
Lesson 5: Your First Agenda Complete
Module 3: Marketing Yourself 101
Lesson 1: Becoming a Marketing Expert
Lesson 2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint
Lesson 3: The Different Pages
Lesson 4: The Launch Secrets
Module 4: Make The Internet Your BFF
Lesson 1: The Wagon Wheel of Marketing
Lesson 2: Your First 100 Perfect Fans
Lesson 3: Social Media & Free Traffic
Lesson 4: Spending Money on Ads
Lesson 5: What’s Next to Scale
Module 5: Rock Your First Event
Lesson 1: The Perfect Mastermind Formula
Lesson 2: Virtual Event Checklists
Lesson 3: The Perfect In-Person Event
Lesson 4: Last Steps and Thank You!
Module 6: Their Content, Your Calling
Lesson 1: What It Means to Be A Knowledge Consultant
Lesson 2: Getting to the Yes
Lesson 3: Knowledge Reporter
Lesson 4: A Winning Business
Lesson 5: A True Story of Tony and Dean

I found the first 4 modules to be the most interesting and was the most engaged with them. To date, I still haven’t finished modules 5 or 6, but plan to work through them at my own pace in the coming months. They just weren’t vital for the things I want to launch next, so I chose to put my energy and time into the ones that were most applicable.

The coursework is made up of videos (usually 15 minutes – 45 minutes long) and a course workbook that has various exercises to go along with the videos.

What I Learned

The coursework is packed with content and information and has some really valuable exercises and tools. I think that what you take from it will be different for everyone. If you’re just getting started the course has great information for building a landing page, starting your social media accounts, and tightening up your messaging. Although I’m years into my business those modules were all still valuable for me and gave me ideas about where I can improve. Most of my biggest takeaways and “Aha Moments” were related to personal development or how I want my business to grow and evolve:

  • I really liked the mindset work. I kind of hit the ground running when I started my business ten years ago and honestly I never took the time to take a deep breath and work through this type of stuff. I think that’s a common issue for a lot of entrepreneurs. Thinking through what my “why” is, who my ideal client/customer is, and identifying how to speak to them was really valuable for me.
  • Selling makes me super uncomfortable, so I found the marketing material in module 3 to be really helpful. I have a lot to learn and improve on in this area but realizing that I have a product that helps people and that I’m doing them a disservice by not telling them about it has helped shift my mindset around selling.
  • I’m currently pivoting my business and KBB helped me get more clarity about where I want to end up as my business evolves. I feel more confident about how I want to grow, the products I want to offer, and the type of people I’m meant to serve.
  • The course also gave me financial confidence. I took an online finance class a couple of months ago (more about that later) that really helped with my money mindset and limiting beliefs, and KBB further helped move that along by helping me realize that I can set bigger financial goals and confidently work towards them with these methods.

What You Get From Jenna

The value of signing up for KBB through Jenna Kutcher instead of doing it solo is that you get her mentorship along the way, along with more structure and accountability as you work through the material. As I mentioned previously it was also really valuable for me to hear how she applies the KBB material to her business. When you sign up through Jenna you will get a 6-week calendar with a suggested schedule. The private Facebook Group will also serve as a place for you to interact with other people who are working through it with you.

Each Monday Jenna would put up a post to collect questions for the current material, and on Wednesdays, she’d go live in the group to talk about it and answer the questions. From what I saw it seemed like she always answered every question that got asked on the post, even if that meant going live for 2 hours. Sometimes her answers were as simple as “Go listen to Episode ____ of my podcast, it lays this answer out there step-by-step” — which was great because it saved time but gave the person a really useful resource to get their question answered, and sometimes she shared her screen, went right inside her own folders, and showed us how she sets up and organizes her online courses and the stuff she has in the works. Every question I submitted for the lives was answered.

When people told me that Jenna would make the $2,000 investment worth it, I was skeptical. I kind of wondered how much time she herself would actually spend in the group. When the pandemic struck I thought “Oh no this is going to totally fall off we aren’t going to get that same personalized experience the first group got.” I gotta say I was really impressed and they were absolutely right. Jenna really is in the group interacting with you, commenting on your posts. She’s there live every week for as long as it takes. She did a 2 hour live on her BIRTHDAY. She didn’t miss a beat even in the midst of a global pandemic. Or when her mom was in a bad accident — something that would have set most of us back a couple of days — she was showing up in the group as promised.

Honestly when I think about the weekly lives and how much time I got to spend with Jenna….and I divide that up hourly….ummm heck yes the $2,000 was totally worth it (honestly it makes me feel like I somehow ripped her off?). Aside from getting to see what she was personally learning from KBB, how she was applying it to her business, hear her answers to questions, and get my questions answered….it was also really valuable to see how she teaches and leads. She’s so natural and also motivating — I felt like I learned a lot just by observing!

On top of the group and the live sessions, Jenna also included her social media guide for free to everyone who signed up for KBB. This was a small gesture but was an added value and was packed with information that was super valuable,  especially for those who were just starting out. Occasionally there were emails that we received from Jenna, too, just for our group. I really can’t say enough about how impressed I was with Jenna’s effort to connect with each of us and make us feel valued in the community. On a couple occasion where I reached out with questions, she took the time to send quick audio messages, which really demonstrated to me that she pours her heart and soul into this program to help you get the most out of it.

Best of all, our private Facebook Group will live on and we are still meeting weekly for our Wednesday live sessions. Although Jenna is no longer required to show up in the group she did pop in last week to surprise us and regardless of what her role in the group is moving forward, I know it is a place that I’ll continue to find value and support in the months ahead.

What I Didn’t Like

These criticisms are perhaps going to sound a bit harsh, but keep in mind that my brain requires structure and organization and that even a little bit of disorganization can be extremely distracting to me. I realize that some of these things wouldn’t bother most people.

I thought the course workbook from KBB was really poorly designed. The graphics and visuals were bad and sometimes didn’t really make sense — like certain graphs or charts that were just not put together well. It also really bothered me that the workbook didn’t identify which video content each page was meant to be matched up with. It made it really hard to skip around or go back to review things. I think each page of the workbook should be labeled with “Module 4, Lesson 3.1” etc.

I also found the production quality on some of the videos to be less than desirable. Given the cost of the course and the resources that Dean and Tony have available to them it seemed really disappointing to see some of the issues that they didn’t seem concerned with correcting. For example, in one video Tony Robbins repeatedly holds up a big chart printed on paper. Every time he does this he’s hitting his mic and covering it up and it cuts out his audio. There’s also a video with a cellphone ringing in the background. Again, not a showstopper and “done is better than perfect” (as Jenna says)….but people should at least be able to hear what you’re saying and I was surprised these segments weren’t re-recorded.

At times it also felt like Dean and Tony were teaching without a script or any notes. The stories got repetitive, sometimes the content was hard to follow, the videos were sometimes a bit fluffy and longer than they needed to be. There was definitely room for tightening these up and being clearer about what the goal of each video is. There’s also room for someone to offer constructive feedback particularly to Tony about some of the comments he made throughout the videos. I knew his teaching style would be a challenge for me but wasn’t quite prepared for some of the problematic comments that seemed to slip out of his mouth.

All of the videos in the KBB modules can be watched, listened to using an audio file, or read with a transcript. So, you do have a lot of options here for consuming the content how you want.

I know that they took feedback after 1.0 and improved things before 2.0, and I’m looking forward to seeing them continue to improve the content for KBB.

What I Loved

Those criticisms were all the more reason why I was thankful to be lead through the course by Jenna. I think our brains work in similar ways and all the material provided by her aligned perfectly with how I want to learn. Something tells me that she probably has similar frustrations with some of the KBB material, as she always seemed to pick up the slack in her weekly live sessions. She was also quite open about saying “I don’t agree with the way they are explaining this…” or “My answer for that would actually be to do this….”

""The course material was valuable, but to have a multi-faceted business owner like Jenna take it, layer her own experience and expertise over the top of it, and then personally teach it to me, was a life-changing experience that I'm not sure I could even put a value on." - Dani Bruflodt | My Review of Jenna Kutcher's Implementation Lab for The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The course material was valuable, but to have a multi-faceted business owner like Jenna take it, layer her own experience and expertise over the top of it, and then personally teach it to me, was a life-changing experience that I’m not sure I could even put a value on. So if you ask whether the investment was worth it, whether I’m glad I took the plunge, or even if I’d do it again the answer is an absolute yes.

I came out of this experience with a lot more clarity about my business, my goals, and the blueprint I need to follow day by day to continue moving the needle forward. That clarity was certainly worth the investment, but I also learned a lot of skills, sharpened a lot of the skills I already had, and developed great relationships with fellow business owners.

How to Sign Up

Jenna leads students through KBB every few months. So while it is not currently open for enrollment you can join the waitlist to stay in the loop and hear directly from Jenna when she opens it back up again. Click here to learn more about KBB and join the waitlist.

Got more questions about KBB? I hosted a Q+A on Instagram a few weeks ago and put all the answers in this post: Ask Me Anything About Jenna Kutcher’s Implementation Lab for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. Feel free to leave new questions in the comments over on that post and I’ll add them to it.

My Review of Jenna Kutcher’s Implementation Lab for The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

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