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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taking an online business course led by Jenna Kutcher. I’ve been talking about it in Instagram Story and sharing little snippets of our weekly live sessions and I know many of you are curious about what it is and what I’m getting out of it! So, the other day I decided to host a Q+A on Instagram to give you the opportunity to ask me anything! Below are responses to questions I got on the Instagram post as well as in response to my email newsletter. I’ve also written a full review since the course wrapped up and you can click here to read that.

Q: I’m curious what you’re learning and implementing in your business. I’ve taken other online business courses only to discover that they are geared more towards people new🙏🏻 in the process. As being an entrepreneur for 20 years it’s hard to find something that’s really worth my time and effort for where I’m at in my business. – Andrea

A: There are 6 modules and they vary from mindset work all the way to setting up an online course. It gets super basic, for those who need it, but it makes it easy to skip the modules that you feel well versed in! The private group led by Jenna is a wide range of folks, but it’s easy to discover where you fall in and create a little side-group of people on your level and create the proximity you need!

Q: What stage of business is best to dive into this course? •• I’m currently taking one (Earnable) by Ramit Sethi to help build my offer (that I’ve been putting off for a year) but looking for some comprehensive overall business advice! – Jen

A: I really think it fits anyone. I’ve been at it 10 years, and find that I kind of pick and choose things and ignore some content entirely, but am very inspired and motivated by the weekly LIVES with Jenna and find them to be 100% worth my investment on their own. There are people I watch in the group who are just starting out, like literally don’t have a website and zero followers and it’s so awesome to watch them put things into practice and get going! It’s a build your own adventure.

Q: I’ve been curious about her course for businesses that are not entirely online. I’ve been inspired by her to think about sharing my work online (and have done it!) but also wonder if I might find it useful for in-person service delivery (eg therapy). Also what’s the time investment like?! Jenna has taught me to think about time as my biggest resource! 💕 – Carryn

A:  It ends up being around 40ish minutes per day, Monday through Friday, with the course content (a video/worksheet each day) and then every Wednesday there is a LIVE session with Jenna that lasts about 1-2 hours, and it is archived so you can watch it any time. I usually rewatch her live vidoes, so I’d estimate I spend around 8 hours per week on average with the content and interacting with our group page and if you follow her schedule it will take you 6 weeks to complete.

Q: Major takeaways! Like if there’s one thing you learned that was totally worth it? – Jena

A. There has really been something every. single .week. Here’s something Jenna said just this week that I’ve read over and over from my notes, “When marketing, help people shift their mindset to see what’s possible for them.” I love that so much and instantly thought of 100 things I want to change/do/create ❤ This was said very casually, not even really part of the course content, but I’ve found that it’s just the casual conversation that is impacting me the most.

Q. How did you know this was the right investment to make? I’ve invested in other courses that seemed promising but did not deliver. I’ve also signed up for free courses and have gotten everything and then some! It’s frustrating when it feels like $$$ is wasted. – Kelsey

A. I’ve been at this for 10 years and I have definitely spent money I regretted. One thing I did prior to jumping into this course was private message more than a DOZEN people who took it in the first round (I stalked the hashtags!). And I asked them HARD questions. And they were all so enthusiastic and encouraging and promised me it was going to be worth the money. Bottom line was that there was a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So I knew I could get the $2,000 back if it was a total bust. But actually…within 30 minutes of the first live session with Jenna I messaged a friend and said: “I would have paid $2,000 just to hear this.” And now I’ve gotten that x6 and so much more. ❤

"Within 30 minutes of the first live session with Jenna I messaged a friend and said: "I would have paid $2,000 just to hear this." And now I've gotten that x6 and so much more." - Dani Bruflodt, Ask me Anything About Jenna Kutcher's Implementation Lab for The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Q: I don’t have my own business but I am moving into the managing director tole within this year (we will be a team of 3). I’ve been with start-up (10 ppl, I am also head of HR and that’s where my focus will be) for a couple of hours, working up as a working student. So it’s more than just a job. Would you say the course is still for me, even though Its technically not my business? Also, how is the exchange within the group (I know that it can always differ). Would love to connect with like-minded people. – Marie

A: I’d say yes! And maybe you can even get your work to help cover the cost? You’ll learn so many things that will benefit the business as a whole, and help you develop as a leader. Communication within the group is 8/10 I’d say. There’s around 900 of us in the private Facebook group, so it can get a bit “busy” if you’re trying to constantly keep up. However, the LIVE sessions are usually only 100-200 of us and I find those conversations to be more intimate, and I have a couple of little side groups that I really enjoy! Overall, the conversation is very positive, helpful, and encouraging ❤❤❤

Please check out my full review! Since completing the course I wrote A Review of Jenna Kutcher’s Implementation Lab for The Knowledge Broker Blueprint. Go check it out and see what my thoughts are after completing it.


Ask Me Anything About Jenna’s Kutchers Implementation Lab for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint

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