The times, they are a-changin’. And if you’re feeling more exhausted than normal, there’s probably a reason for it. I’ve been gathering little tidbits about this collective fatigue we’re all feeling amidst the global coronavirus pandemic and wanted to share some of the thoughts:

1. We’re taught a lot about “flight or fight”, but that’s inaccurate. Our body’s trauma response is actually 3-pronged, Flight, Fight, or Freeze. We are unable to fight the coronavirus actively, and also unable to run from it. Our only option is avoidance, or “Freeze”. Your body might quite literally be choosing “play dead” right now. It might also be manifesting “fight” or “flight” in strange ways such as hoarding, emotional outbursts, displaced anger, etc. (via things I’ve learned from the book The Deepest Well and also a great thread by @faceofboaz).

2. Have you heard of neural pathways? These are the well-worn “connections” that we form in our brain over the years as we repeatedly perform our regular routines and habits. Your entire routine and daily habits likely just got a good tossing. So now your brain is expending double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of energy building new pathways instead of running on autopilot. (via stuff I learned from the book Atomic Habits and a post by @hanneklintoelifeguidance).

3. All the thousands of tiny, simple decisions we were making on a daily basis are now weighed down with moral dilemmas. Will running to the store make me sick? Will ordering pick-up for dinner infect my husband? Will touching this doorknob result in someone I don’t even know getting sick and dying? It’s all adding up and exhausting us

4. Information overload and the constant hormonal and emotional ups and downs that come with opening your phone or turning on the TV. It’s so much.

Anyways, your body is doing its thing, and it’s tired. Rest when you can. You probably need it. 🙏🏼❤️ And if you have any other knowledge nuggets to add here drop them in the comments.

Rest When You Can

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