It occurred to me today that a lot of small business owners are going to have to learn some new skills right now. Even if you aren’t forced to pick up a new skill in order to adapt or pivot your business during these challenging times this might be a good time for some self-education and online training.

A few years ago I compiled all of my best smartphone photography tips into a free eBook, including detailed tutorials for setting up a simple home studio (for around $10!) and capturing high-quality product photos that you can use on your website or social media. If you are a brick and mortar shop trying to develop a webshop on a budget, or a restaurant that is now trying to do online ordering via Instagram posts you might find yourself suddenly needing fast (but good!) photos on a daily basis. Here’s where I hope my free eBook can help. Here are a few things you’ll learn:

  • The basic buttons on the iPhone along with the camera settings + modes
  • How to set up a basic home studio for product photography (costs less than $10!)
  • Tips for styling and editing your photos
  • How to capture great product photographs
  • Tips for taking photos of food or beverages
  • Tips for capturing self-portraits
  • + more

This eBook will give you the absolute basics you need to get started and get good photos quickly. It’s simple and to the point, and exactly what you need in a time like this. Click below to learn more and get it delivered to your inbox immediately.

Want it in podcast format? Go back and listen to Episode 004 of The Plan Podcast to hear some of my favorite iPhone Photography Tips  Рbut note that the eBook goes into much more detail about product photography.

How to Take Great Product Photos With Your iPhone

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