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"If you don't choose a day to rest, your body will choose it for you." | Thyme is Honey

Ever notice how you have a knack for getting sick or reaching a point of exhuastion at the most inconvenient times? The week you have the big presentation. The day you’re leaving for vacation. The second you finally wrap up a big event and have a moment to relax.

Making sure we take time to plan for rest helps assure we make it happen. And even though those busy seasons are the times when we feel most reluctant to schedule in that time, it’s also when it’s most vital. If we don’t, it will catch up to us and wipe us out at the most vital moment.So friend…plan time for rest this week.

This is my latest little inspirational doodle and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it over on Instagram. You can click below to redirect to the post:


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Plan Time For Rest

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