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Drinking a glass of warm lemon water with sea salt first thing in the morning is part of my everyday routine, and should probably be part of yours, too. It’s a big part of achieving optimum hydration which is about so much more than how many ounces of water you can drink, it’s about how much water your body absorbs. Wanna learn more? Go listen to Episode 029 of the Plan Podcast and then integrate this morning lemon water ritual into your routine. Here are ten reasons to treat your body to a glass of warm lemon water with sea salt:

  1. Lemon helps dissolve the uric acid in joints and can help decrease inflammation.
  2. The alkalizing effects of lemon and sea salt help balance your body’s delicate ph.
  3. It aids in the proper absorption of both food and water throughout the day and helps improve the uptake of essential nutrients.
  4. Helps boost immune function with a quick dose of vitamin c. One lemon has 139% of your daily vitamin c.
  5. Get a glow! Both lemon and sea salt have benefits for the skin.
  6. Sea salt combined with lemon can help reduce cellular toxicity by pulling waste from your cells.
  7. The sea salt helps neutralize the lemon, making the lemon water less acidic for your teeth.
  8. Hydrates you more than plain water thanks to the added nutrients.
  9. Helps freshen your breath by killing bad bacteria in your mouth and throat.
  10. Helps jumpstart digestion and gear up your metabolism.

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10 Reasons To Drink Warm Lemon Water with Sea Salt By Thyme is Honey

Curious how I make my warm lemon water? It’s pretty simple and the most important thing is to make sure you’re using a natural sea salt, not a processed table salt. Natural salts contain trace amounts of vitamins and minerals, while processed salts do not. In order to get all the health benefits make sure you are using sea salt — in fact, it’s a good idea to just toss out your regular table salt and replace it with sea salt if you haven’t already. My current favorite is Maldon Salt, which you can buy at most stores or on Amazon. Here’s how I make my morning lemon water:

10-12 oz warm water (I just use as warm as the tap gets)
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp sea salt

Occasionally I also add a small scoop of chia seeds. They add a bit of fiber and are also a good source of gel water.


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If you still feel confused watch this short IGTV video I created showing you how to make it! And remember, hydration isn’t about how much water you drink, it’s about how much water you absorb! And achieving optimum hydration through proper absorption requires building hydrating habits. If you could use help and accountability with getting hydrated check out my 2-week course, The Hydration Checklist. It includes my best-selling eBook, 20+ of my favorite recipes, my top 3 planner designs, and 2-weeks of hydration coaching direct to your inbox.

10 Reason To Drink Warm Lemon Water with Sea Salt

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  3. Wow, it’s great to know that putting natural sea salt on my water can help in making my skin glow. One of the things that I’d like to achieve someday is to be able to go out without makeup and still look my best. Maybe buying bulk natural sea salt will be a good idea in incorporating it in my everyday meals.

  4. Ernie Perry says:

    Like to learn more about stuff like this

  5. Cyndaleeknoll@gmail.com says:

    Yes. I use Himalayan salt and Celtic sea salt… Sounds like a awesome plan. I will try it.

  6. Sharon Shaw says:

    Thank you for the warm water and sea salt drink recipe. I am almost 70 yrs. old and doing all I can to stay healthy and fit.

  7. Gigi says:

    Can I drink this after my morning coffee or is there more benefit to drinking it first thing?

    • Dani Bruflodt says:

      You can drink it anytime and it will benefit you! However, it’s always good to replenish your fluids after a night of sleep.

  8. Steph M says:

    Do you drink this just once a day in the morning?

    • Dani Bruflodt says:

      Personally I do, yes. But it can also be helpful to drink before an event where you won’t have access to water (travel or a long work shift, etc).

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