"Eat green things. Register to vote. Drink more water. Buy less stuff. Go for a walk." | Thyme is Honey

1. Go to Vote.org
2. Click on “Check Your Registration“. Input your info + address and make sure you’re registered where you think you’re registered.
3. If you are, great! If not, it will walk you through how to register with your state.
4. Next, go to “Get Election Reminders“. Add your info, and sign up to get reminders about your upcoming elections and deadlines for your area. You can also request absentee ballots if needed.
5. Click on Menu > “Polling Place Locator” and enter the address at which you are registered to vote. It’ll tell you where your polling place will be on election day.
6. Put the dates on your calendar and start making plans for when and how you’ll get to your polling place. Take some people with you. Make it an event. If you’re nervous about not getting to the polls, request an absentee ballot. You don’t need an excuse to use absentee. Do it if it will be the easiest way for you to vote, but pay attention to the deadlines for absentee voting.

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Eat Green Things, Register to Vote

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