"The sky is not the limit, there are footprints on the moon." | Illustration by Thyme is Honey

There are footprints on the moon, and even though we might not even desire to ever walk right besides them — knowing that they’re there is powerful.

Am I being to vague here? What I’m saying is: there is always going to be someone “on the moon”. Someone in your industry, niche, or field that is doing better than you. Succeeding beyond your wildest dreams. Seeing them succeed can motivate you, but some people don’t aspire to be at that level. For a lot of people having just 1% of that success would be life changing. Fulfilling. An achievement of a lifetime.

So yes, there are footprints on the moon, but the moon is not for everyone. Sometimes just being in orbit together is enough.

Your can find this original illustration over on my Instagram account, and I’d love to hear your thoughts:


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There are Footprints on the Moon

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