Selecting a Daily Page Planner: which version of The Daily Page is the best fit for you? | By Thyme is Honey

You know that you want a planner that helps organize your work + wellness in one place, and you’ve discovered the design of your dreams — hopefully, it’s The Daily Page 😉 But there are several versions of my best-selling design to choose from, so which one will be the best fit for you?

I’m happy to break down the options and help guide you to your perfect planner. Let’s take a look at the different variations of The Daily Page:

The Daily Page Notepad (top left) Buy it here ($29,99 for a set of 2). – The notepad contains 50 pages printed on high-quality, 70 lb paper, and is padded at the top. The notepad is great sitting on your desk or placed inside of a padfolio. I love the simplicity of this option and the portability of the lightweight notebook.

The Daily Page Planner (top right) Buy it here ($54.99). – The planner contains 6 double-page calendars, along with 183 copies of The Daily Page (enough for 6 months!). It is printed on high-quality 120 gsi paper and is spiral-bound with a heavy, chipboard cover. It comes with a 2020 Calendar and a snap-in bookmark. Wonderful for those of us who like to keep our pages to reflect back on. Check out this post for more about The Daily Page Planner

The Digital Planner (bottom left) Buy it here ($24.99). – The digital planner is for use on an iPad using the Goodnotes 5 App. It has monthly calendars for all of 2020, you can click on any date in the calendar to instantly connect with The Daily Page for that date. Using Goodnotes you can write directly on the calendars or pages, edit things, move things around, and have as much fun as you want with colors, clipart, digital stickers, or photos. This digital version requires that you have an iPad with a stylus (such as an Apple Pencil) as well as the Goodnotes 5 App. Check out this post for more about The Digital Planner and how to set it up.

The Daily Page Printable (button right) Buy it here ($12.99). – The printable provides you with a PDF copy of The Daily Page that you can print at home. This is an affordable option that gives you an endless supply of pages. You’ll receive both a standard and 3-hole punch version so that you can get creative with how you use it. You can print it at home or at a local print shop.

The Daily Page iPad File (not pictured) Buy it here ($12.99). – Want to use The Daily Page digitally but not looking for a full planner? Simply purchase the individual file for The Daily Page and use it within your favorite digital planning or notetaking apps.

Selecting a Daily Page Planner: which version of The Daily Page is the best fit for you? | By Thyme is Honey

Which Daily Page Planner is Best For You

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