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The Forever Calendar started shipping late last week, which means it’s arriving on your doorstep soon! I got mine filled out and hung up this morning, so I wanted to share some tips with you! The magic of this calendar is that 1. It’s reusable year after year and 2. There are many ways to fill it out! Once you’re finished it is such a powerful tool for planning out your year, and such a great way to see the big picture.

These are two of the most important tips as you fill out The Forever Calendar:

  1. Use a marker that won’t smudge if you want to add any annual events, birthdays, or holidays directly to the calendar. I used a Fine Point Sharpie, and was careful not to touch it for about 10 seconds just to let the ink dry.
  2. Do not use an eraser directly on the calendar. It’s matte, but still has a slight coating that will dull with an eraser. You can erase on it, but might be left with a spot that looks a bit weird once the calendar is framed.

Here’s a bit more about the process and products that I used, but I’m also excited to see how you get creative with yours!


The Forever Calendar ships in a tube, so it might arrive with a slight curl. Use the glass from the frame you plan to use and cover the calendar with it on a clean, flat surface. If you want you can add a few books or weights on top to help press it out. A few hours is probably enough to help smooth it, but I let mine sit overnight.


Once the “pressing” is complete you can add any events, birthdays, or holidays that are the same year after year onto the calendar. As noted above I highly recommend using a permanent marker for this (I used an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie) and allowing a few seconds for drying before you touch or rub the ink at all. If you think you’ll use the calendar for more than 20 years you might want to consider an archival quality pen — but I felt fine about using a Sharpie.

I’d avoid erasing at all, as it can leave a “scuff” mark on the calendar. You can definitely write with a pencil if you prefer it (I think it’d look pretty cool) just keep in mind that erasing might not be an option. I chose to just add our birthdays, our parent’s birthdays, and a few annual events. While I was adding these I kept the glass on top just to help hold the calendar flat and slid it kind of like a ruler.

Keep in mind that if you plan to use the calendar year after year you’ll only want to write things on it that are always on the same date. For example, Christmas is always on December 25, but Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November. Therefore, you can add Christmas to The Forever Calendar permanently, but Thanksgiving will change year to year so you’ll want to write that on the glass, instead.

Locating the dates is easy. For example, my Birthday is November 16th, so to locate that day on the calendar I go to the column (across the top) for November, and then down 16 rows to land on November 16th. Since my birthday is on the same date every year I’ll write it directly onto the calendar with the Sharpie.


When it comes to framing you can choose a frame that has either glass or plexiglass. Either option works great with the Staedtler Correctable Pens that I recommend. 20″x30″ frames are typically considered a “poster frame” and aren’t super common. Sometimes Target, Amazon, or Walmart will have a small selection but they typically have a black plastic frame.

Fortunately, I found this great company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that makes beautiful wooden frames that all come in 20″x30″ sizes. Most of them range in price from $20-$30 and will cost about $10 to ship. I love this this oak one  which is $29 ($41 with shipping). They also have an eco-friendly series made out of Bonanza Wood for a few dollars more ($33 +shipping). Take a look at their website, you can honestly find any color or material you’d like.

Another great option if you are in the US is Framebridge. For around $150 you can custom design a frame for your 20″x30″ print. It’s slightly more expensive, but you have many more options for frame style and color. You can take 15% off your Framebridge creation by using this link.

If you are outside of the US/Canada check out similar frames from Vivarti. They also offer a variety of materials in 20″x30″ size and the prices are reasonable. You can also find their products on Amazon.uk.


Once the calendar is framed you are ready to customize it for the year ahead. You can use dry-erase or wet-erase markers to write on the glass or plexiglass, which makes this calendar great for getting down into the details and planning out your entire year. My favorite markers are these Staedtler Correctable Pens because they have a fine tip, and only erase with the little felt eraser on the end of the pen, which means they won’t accidentally erase if you rub against it. The fine tip and small eraser are also great for this calendar. Even though it’s spacious it’s still nice to have a pen and eraser that are precise.

Once The Forever Calendar is in the frame you may want to add the days of the week to make the calendar easier to navigate, and a bit more useful. I chose to just add a small initial (SMTWTFS) in the top left corner of each box. You’ll want to reference a calendar while you’re doing this, and it goes rather quickly (took me about 10 minutes).

Think of The Forever Calendar calendar as a 12-month calendar that can span any time period, because you can start using the calendar at any point in the year. Since it’s currently November 2019 I filled out the November and December columns with 2019 dates, but then started with January 2020. Once November is over, I’ll erase it and add in the 2020 days of the week, and so on.


Now your calendar is all set up for the next 12 months and ready to use! How you use it from here is totally up to you. I love having this print hanging in my office so that I can see the entire year at a glance. It really helps me plan out big projects, as well as the phase-by-phase planning of a product launch or rebrand. I can’t wait to add some new product launches and great vacations to my 2020!


You might choose to erase each month when it ends and reset it for the next year, or you might prefer to use the calendar for 12 months and then clean off the entire thing and reset it. The little eraser at the end of the Staedtler markers works fine for erasing one month, but if you’re clearing off the entire calendar (especially if you’ve written on it a lot!), you might want to follow the process below.

These are tips for cleaning and resetting the calendar. First, I suggest taking it off the wall and laying it flat. You might even want to take the calendar apart. This is a nice time to add any new annual events onto the paper portion, but it’s also nice to have the glass or plexiglass laying flat while cleaning it off, rather than have it supsended in the frame (sometimes pushing down on the glass while cleaning could cause it to break).

I would definitely avoid spraying any cleaning product or fluid onto the glass while it is hanging, as it can seep around the edges of the glass and damage the paper.

If you are using wet erase markers or the Staedtler markers that I recommend, you’ll need to use a wet towel or cleaning spray (like Windex or similar) to clean the glass off. Paper towels work fine, but I’ve found that a kitchen towel or piece of felt work even better for quickly removing all the marker. Since wet erase markers can leave a bit of a residue, I also suggest wiping it off with a clean towel, a little plain water, and then a clean towel again.

Once everything is erased and cleaned off you’re reading to start the process over again the a fresh, new year. Make sure the glass and the surface you are working on are completely dry before reframing it with the paper calendar.

How did you set-up The Forever Calendar for your home or office? I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram at @Thyme_is_Honey. Happy Planning!

How to Use The Forever Calendar by Thyme is Honey

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