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What are the little boxes (or circles depending on which version you’re using!) in the water section of The Daily Page for? I get asked this question quite a bit, and I’d love to explain!

In the original design of The Daily Page (10 years ago!) there were little icons of pills/vitamins in this section to help you remember medications. But one day a customer reached out to me, explained that she was recovering from addiction, and asked if I had a design without these icons, which she found triggering. I created a custom design for her, and after thinking about it, I realized that a more generic shape made sense overall and allowed for more flexibility within this section. The two most common ways I see people use it are:

  1. Tracking Medications and Supplements – you can use the discreet, generic shapes to help you remember to take your meds, or supplements like collagen, fish oil, and vitamins.
  2. Habit Tracking – Trying to build a new habit? Use this section to remind yourself of those new habits you’re working on and track your progress.

I do a bit of a “hybrid”. I label the boxes with C V L each day, which represents taking a Collagen supplement, taking a Vitamin, and remembering to apply Lash serum before bed. But I switch it up. Sometimes I put an S to remember to get some Sunshine, or M to remember to get some Movement while working. Sometimes I put CH to remember to get a dose of CHia seeds during the day. You can use it for whoever you want/need and that’s the point! I’ve seen people use it to remember to fill out their food journal (or My Fitness Pal entry) switch loads of laundry, take their dog for a walk, or even get up from their desk to move around. I love hearing the different ways my customers use this section!

If you’re trying to build new habits, I also recommend learning about Habit Stacking. It’s one of my favorite life hacks and I love how a habit tracking area can help with this process. I wrote an entire blog post about it if you’d like to learn more: How Habit Stacking will Change your Life.

P.S. I kept in touch with that customer, and she has 6 years sober. One of my favorite stories about The Daily Page.

The Daily Page: Habit Tracking Boxes

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