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How to use the Habit Tracking Boxes on The Daily Page | Thyme is Honey

What are the three little boxes in the water section of The Daily Page for? I get asked this question quite a bit, and I’d love to explain!

In the original design of The Daily Page (10 years ago!) there were little icons of pills/vitamins in this section to help you remember medications. But one day a customer reached out to me, explained that she was recovering from addiction, and asked if I had a design without these icons, which she found triggering. I created a custom design for her, and after thinking about it, I realized that a more generic shape made sense overall and allowed for more flexibility within this section. The two most common ways I see people use it are:

  1. Tracking Medications and Supplements – you can use the discreet, generic shapes to help you remember to take your meds, or supplements like collagen, fish oil, and vitamins.
  2. Habit Tracking – Trying to build a new habit? Use this section to remind yourself of those new habits you’re working on and track your progress.

I do a bit of a “hybrid”. I label the boxes with C V L each day, which represents taking a Collagen supplement, taking a Vitamin, and remembering to apply Lash serum before bed. I’ve seen people use it to remember to switch loads of laundry, take their dog for a walk, or even get up from their desk to move around. I love hearing the different ways my customers use this section!

If you’re trying to build new habits, I also recommend learning about Habit Stacking. It’s one of my favorite life hacks and I love how a habit tracking area can help with this process. I wrote an entire blog post about it if you’d like to learn more: How Habit Stacking will Change your Life.

P.S. I kept in touch with that customer, and she has 6 years sober. One of my favorite stories about The Daily Page.

The Daily Page: Habit Tracking Boxes

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